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Snap! – Mary Had A Little Boy (Club Edit)

Classics: Snap! – Mary Had a Little Boy (Club Edit) (Logic Records)

Let’s get back to 1990… This at a time when “Mary just had a little boy”, but not only! Back then, Europe was taken into some unprecedented whirlwind musically speaking. The British specialized press would talk of “Spaghetti House” with Blackbox. Then of “Nordik Beat” with the Swedish scene. Meanwhile one would speak of “New Beat” regarding the Belgian scene and whatsoever… All of these vibes pretty much comin’ under the “Eurodance” tag at the end.

Germany was certainy no exception. This with groups such as Culture Beat or Hans Von Stoffeln. Not to mention Snap! But although I didn’t really see any connection between ‘The Power’ and Hip-House, I guess this was more of the case speakin’ of ‘Mary Had A Little Boy’. This with singer Penny Ford and Rapper Turbo B responding to each other on piano led rhythm pattern. With the whole over a rumblin’ bassline pretty much reminding of Clubland‘s ‘Let’s Get Busy’ as a matter of fact. Meanwhile cleverly sampling Sarah Josepha Hale‘s 1830 ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and Bobby Byrd‘s 1987 ‘Hot Pants’.

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Like it or not, Snap! has never been a band. But more of a studio concept with various line-ups along with time. If not a trademark belonging to German producers Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing. Themselves remembered for joinin’ forces with Sven Väth under the Off guise back in 1985 and eventually give birth to the memorable ‘Electrica Salsa’ the year after.

Snap!‘s first hit happened to be the aptly titled ‘The Power’ with American singer Penny Ford and Rapper Turbo B takin’ the lead. They then released ‘Oops Up’, a so to say response to the classic ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’ by the likes of the Gap Band with whom Ford happened to work for some time as a backing singer. Then would come ‘Cult Of Snap’ and, soon after, ‘Mary Had A Little Boy’. Itself standing as a so to say echo to Sarah Josepha Hale‘s 1830 ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’. As many cuts one might find on Snap!‘s ‘World Power’ debut-album back in 1990.

Strangely enough, ‘The Madman’s Return’, Snap!‘s second album, would see the light in three different editions. With the third one bringin’ extra heavyweight singles such as ‘Colour Of Love’ and ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’, their biggest success ever. Not to mention ‘Exterminate’. Meanwhile their third (and last) album saw Snap! not only changing once again their line-up (exit Turbo B) but also venturing into Trance Music. Beginning with its title track. In other words, ‘Welcome To Tomorrow’.

Snap! disbanded in 1996, however they made a quick return four years later. This with a cut by the likes of ‘Gimme a Thrill’ along with a rap courtesy of Turbo B. A bunch of singles appeared now and then during the 2000’s, but none of them generated a significant success in the end.

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