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Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia – Ultrasuperlove

Unsung: Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia – Ultrasuperlove (Digisoul)

Remembering back then, this ‘Ultrasuperlove’ thing had such a meaning to me. As not only it brought me back to the souvenir of Barry White. But also it happened to be one of the first performances of a dear Facebook friend. A young lady hailing from Australia whom I’d seen the progression of via a bunch of little videos along with time. This before she decided to leave her native Australia. Then relocate to Britain where she would see the snow for the very first time in her life…

Needless to say how I happened to be so happy to see her comin’ to light. This while sharing the bill with British producer Soulpersona. And, at last find the space / time to express her undeniable sense of artistry. And what a touching performance she delivers here. With her partner in crime crafting the perfect environment. This while subtly retouching the classic ‘Midnight And You’. A gem which Barry White had produced for The Love Unlimited Orchestra back in 1973. With ‘Ultrasuperlove’ beautifully adding itself to Solomon Burke‘s cover version of ‘Midnight And You’. But also, years after, to its interpolation – ‘Rain Down Love’ – by the likes of Freemasons featuring Siedah Garrett.

As a matter of fact, you’ve probably guessed it… ‘Ultrasuperlove’ is one of the definitive highlights of their 2011 ‘The Lap Dancer’ album. And, in the meantime, one of Princess Freesia‘s most vibrant performances to date.

Download from Bandcamp.

Hailing from the province of South Wales, Australia, Lija Rolavs had an undeniable sense of artistry from an early age. One could find the first traces of her singing back in 2008. This on Nude Continuum‘s ‘Nightclub Of The Nudist’. This would be their first and only album. Eventually comin’ up with a couple of remixes. Including ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Deadalus’, respectively by Opolopo and Soulpersona.
Lija soon after came to the point it was time to find a better environment to express her skills. This being how she relocated to Britain. Eventually hookin’ up with Soulpersona with whom she released most of her music as a matter of fact. With the first results of their collaboration appearing on the latter’s ‘Soulacoaster’ album back in 2009.

From then on Freesia and Soulpersona have always managed to come up with stellar gems. Responsible for six albums since 2011. With her last to date – ‘Sunset City’ – back in 2018. This resulting in timeless pieces of music such as ‘Ultrasuperlove’ and the phonky ‘You Did It Again’ (2011). Not to mention ‘Gonna Be Alright’ (2012) and ‘Make It’ (2014). Then ‘Working Out Fine’ (2016). And, more recently, the Disco-fueled ‘Sunset City Theme’ (2018). This, to name just a few. With Joey Negro eventually licensing (and remixing) ‘Keep It Working’ on his Z Records label back in 2015.

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