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Space – Carry On, Turn Me On (Promo)

Most Wanted! Space – Carry On, Turn Me On (United Artists Records)

Hard not to think of Daft Punk when considering the look of this group. They have in common the fact of being both French, and also an inclination for electronic vibes. But Space arrived way before the latter, back in the second half of their 70’s.
No need to say how they happened to be quite ahead of their time!

Mostly remembered for ‘Magic Fly’, Roland Romanelli, Didier Marouani (aka Ecama) and Jannick Top are also responsible for ‘Carry Me On, Turn Me On’. A stratospheric jam blending chilling vibes and groovy synths over a percussive driven insane rhythm part. Meanwhile New Jersey singer Madeline Bell reaches the upper heights with her suggestive vocal delivery.

Space‘s ‘Carry On, Turn Me On’ has most likely survived the test of time. With many artists borrowing parts of it. From Moodymann (‘In Loving Memory’) to Martha Cinader (‘Living It’ as remixed by Victor Simonelli). But also Arnold Jarvis (‘Love Of My Life’ produced by the Basement Boys). And Luke Vibert (‘Stern Facials’) among many others…

Space saw the light back in 1977 in the South East of France. Their recognition happened to be instantaneous. Not only due to the way they looked which most likely inspired Daft Punk 20 years later. But first and foremost because of their music that sounded so avant-gardist at the time. Didier Marouani, Roland Romanelli and Jannick Top are most likely remembered as the pioneers of the transcient Space Disco.

They dropped three albums together between 1977 and 1980 out of which ‘Magic Fly’ stands as their biggest commercial success. An album which featured its title cut, and also ‘Tango In Space’. A cut backed with ‘Carry On, Turn Me On’ on its commercial release.

Although Marouani left the band in 1979, the other two members, Romanelli and Top released another album – ‘Deeper Zone’ under the Space guise in 1980.
They officially split up the year after.

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