Sun. Sep. 26, 2021

Spandau Ballet – Through The Barricades (CBS)

Classics: Spandau Ballet – Through The Barricades (CBS)

Bringin’ back memories when thinkin’ of quality music hardly finds limits. Unless riskin’ to find ourselves imprisoned in some artificial boarders at the end. This most likely explaining the width of the scope that is ours. Thus allowing us to sort of come through the barriacades, if you allow me the epxression.

British band Spandau Ballet has delivered some of the most touching melodies and soft arrangements one may think of during the first half of the 80’s. Meanwhile establishing themselves at the helm of the British Neo-Romantism at the time. This with gems such as ‘True’ and / or ‘I’ll Fly For You’. With ‘Through The Barricades makin’ no exception.

The title track from their 1986 released album of the likes, ‘Though The Barricades’ which would be their final Top 10 single, added much to their fame. A vibrant song which Gary Kemp who wrote it, considers as one he really feels close to.

A quick listen to it suffices to understand why, I suppose. With lead singer Tony Hadley reachin’ a rare emotional level…

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