Wed. Oct. 20, 2021

10 essential Jazz Funk classics Part 3

Wed. May. 09, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

The Blend being the essence of evolution, Jazz would give birth to some of the most infectious grooves ever when melted with Funk, but also Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop or Electronic. Here we go with our Part 3 in the series starring Donald Byrd, James Brown, Jimmy Smith, Pleasure and more… [Read More…]

Album preview: Lisa Stansfield goes… Deeper!

Tue. Apr. 03, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

Everything’s meant to come at those who wait. Such as Lisa Stansfield’s new album ‘Deeper’ set for release this Fri. Apr. 06. 2018. A package that sees her pushing the boundaries further to what she has explored before. Comin’ up right on time to coincide with the launch of her national tour… [Read More…]

10 essential Women’s Day songs…

Wed. Mar. 07, 2018 indamixworldwide 0

Although I tend to think the gender parity should have been a long time established process by now, the yearly celebration of the International Women’s Day reminds us as to how a lot still remains to be done in that sense. Elements of reflection via 10 selected songs… [Read More…]

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