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Sterling Ensemble – Everybody (Reelsoul Remix)

Tennerz: Sterling Ensemble feat. Lee Wilson – ‘Everybody’ (Reelsoul Remix) (Dopewax)

To say the least, stellar is the word instantly comin’ to mind when hearing the first notes of ‘Everybody’. From its uplifting lyrics. Most likely makin’ huge sense with everybody naturally searchin’ for some help while facing an ever more do it yourself environment. To Lee Wilson‘s vibrant interpretation. Not to mention Reelsoul‘s retouch embedding the characteristic ingredients of his unique signature. All in all makin’ of ‘Everybody’ a you don’t wanna miss gem. If not one of the definitive highlights of this year. And, in the meantime, a song many of us can identify themselves to, don’t you think?

As for us, enough reasons to welcome it in our Traxsource Top 10 this month…

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– A Cuban native, Albert ‘Sterling’ Menendez landed in Miami, FL. There, he received a Classical Music degree from the University of Miami. Eventually performing with many artists who happened to be touring in the area. As many experiences which helped him defining a unique songwriting and production style.
A keyboardist and piano player embracing almost every facets of the groove, he left his imprint on the recordings of countless classics. From Nuyorican Soul featuring George Benson‘s ‘You Can Do It’ to Be Be Winans‘ ‘Thank You’. But also Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley & The Voices Of Life‘s ‘The Word Is Love’ and Janet Jackson‘s ‘Go Deep’.

From then on, he strenghtened his relationship with Frankie Feliciano. Meanwhile contributing to the recordings of Kenny Bobien‘s ‘Father’ or Ernest St Laurent‘s ‘We Are One’. But also with Kenny Dope and Louie Vega. With traces of him to be found on most of Masters At Work‘s cuts or MAW Records releases. From ‘Our Time Is Coming’ along with Roy Ayers to ‘Like A Butterfly’ featuring Patti Austin to name a few. This bringing him to become a member of Louie Vega‘s Elements Of Life project. Therefore landing his keys and piano on gems such as ‘Elements Of Life’, ‘Brand New Day’ and ‘Life Is But A Dream’. With ‘Cerca De Mi’ and ‘Love Is On The Way’ completing the list. Then how could we ever forget his memorable performance on Jaqué‘s cover version of ‘Love Will Save The Day’, back in 2004?!?

Menendez also happened a create The Sterling Ensemble in the first half of the 2000’s. Releasing ‘Todo De Ti’ featuring Rita Quintero on Frankie Feliciano‘s Ricanstruction label. Then ‘Life Ain’t What It Is’ with remix courtesy of Quentin Harris on Vega Records. And also ‘You Got Me Singin” featuring Troy Murray as remixed by Mr V on his own Sterling Blue Music label. This in addition to ‘Call On Me’ featuring Sarah Devine. A cut cleverly embedding elements of Ashford & Simpson‘s classic ‘It Seems To Hang On’ on Quantize Recordings.

‘Everybody’ featuring Lee Wilson with Reelsoul on the remix duties standing as their latest release to date.

William Rodriquez III found his early influences in the wide rage of musical sounds and styles which his dad introduced him to. From Cerrone to Loose Ends. Not to mention the various tones of Hip-Hop and Dance Music that surrounded him.
An avid collector of 45’s by the age of 4, this experience continued to have an expression for Will‘s creative outlet. By the age of 10, he taught himself by ear to play the keyboard. His cousin bringin’ his attention to Deep House cuts from labels such as Strictly Rhythm and Nervous. And a year after, he eventually started spinnin’. Nurturin’ his craft musical arrangements across the board from Hip-Hop, Rare Groove & Underground House Parties.

By 1992, Will was making beats with two tape decks and a keyboard. This rich musical assortment continued to thrive on his passion for production. As he continued to advance himself in the art of making music so did his sound. His rich soulful debut, ‘Take Me To A Place’ found a home on Frankie Feliciano‘s Ricanstruction label.

He quickly followed with a string of releases for various labels, meanwhile establishing an instantly recognizable signature. Therefore turnin’ countless jams into essential cuts. From The Laybouts & Pete Simpson‘s ‘Thank You’ to Soul: ID‘s ‘Believe’. But also Marc Cotterell‘s ‘Into The Light’. Or Diephuis featuring Jocelyn Brown‘s ‘Don’t Quit’. Not to mention Sterling Ensemble featuring Lee Wilson‘s ‘Everybody’ to name a few. Then Deva Mahal‘s ‘Wicked’ that’s seen him sharing the duties with Quantize Recordings label head DJ Spen

As a matter of fact, it’s as if everybody wanted to have something of Reelsoul these days. Such as Dihann Moore with her revamp of ‘True To Yourself’ on Makin Moves…

No surprisingly, Reelsoul also crafted masterpieces under his own banner. Beginning with the memorable ‘For The Love Of You’ featuring Kyra back in 2010 on MN2S. And ‘Get Myself Together’ on his recently launched Reelsoul Musik label.

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