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Sunday Brunch – Midsummer Night (Svek)

Classics: Sunday Brunch – Midsummer Night (Svek)

“I always think about those long Midsummer nights in late June. When you sit by the water until 5 0′ clock in the morning…” Like always, you have to have experienced this at least once to know what a Midsummer night is about.

Unlike what its name suggests, the Midsummer night doesn’t mark the middle of Summer. But the longest period of the daylight in Scandinavia where night time, as a reverse, may prevail up to 24 hours a day during Winter. This being probably for much on the melancholy one can feel on many productions hailing from this part of the globe. Like Lulu Rouge‘s ‘Bless You’ for instance.

‘Midsummer Night’ is a beautiful celebration of that period of time corresponding with the Summer solstice. A period which everybody there highly celebrates during a day between June 21 and 25 and the preceeding evening. And what an emotional postcard Svek label head Jesper Dahlbäck and Sebastian Ahrenberg have delivered here.

Starting with an intro that describes the atmosphere of Nordic Midsummer nights and their daybreaks, this smooth groovy joint spreads a very nice overhall Summerly feeling. Something you could find in the music José Padilla used to blend at Café del Mar at sunset.
Not doubt, Sunday Brunch came here with a true slice of hedonism. With Louise Ahrenberg‘s somehow cheesy vocal performance adding to the whole. And its mellow Fender Rhodes parts crossed with lush synths over a rumblin’ bassline standin’ as the icing on the cake.

An definitive must-have for the lovers of atmospheric House settled near the borders of Downtempo.

Download from Beatport.

Hailing from Stockholm, Jesper Dahlbäck belongs to that generation of DJ’s/producers who’ve put the Swedish electronic music scene on the map. One would talk about Nordik Beat by the late 80’s/early 90’s. What makes a bit hard to put a name on his face though is the use of countless guises associated to his releases. Either on his own or with his cousin (John Dahlbäck) if not with Alexi Delano (as ADJD) among others. Not to mention Sunday Brunch which saw him exploring deeper territories along with Steve Ahrenberg (cf. ‘Midummer Night’) in the late 90’s.

Jesper started producing music in the early 90’s. Most likely finding his early influences in the Detroit Techno scene. He created the Globe Studios by 1993 along with Adam Beyer and Peter Bernish. Makin’ a name for himself with his versatile House Music productions. And eventually collaborating with cats such as Cari Lekebush and Adam Beyer. Becoming a prominent producer with Svek, he most likely helped the label winning Swedish Grammy music nominations in 1998 and 2001. ‘Pleasure For The Bass’ which he co-wrote and co-produced with Tiga stands among his most famous works. Leading him to produce the latter’s ‘Sexor’ album the year after with Jori Hulkkonen and Soulwax.

His last production – the Deep Tech ‘The Arrival’ – saw the light back in May 2017 under his The Persuader guise.

Sadly struggling with tinnitus, he had to withdraw from public performances, focusing on production work.

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