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Sydney Youngblood – If Only I Could (Extended)

Classics: Sydney Youngblood – If Only I Could (Extended) (Circa)

“Everybody all around the world, stand up all my brothers joining our hands, united we’re stronger. Fighting for peace, caring about our loved ones. Trusting ourselves, sharing our feeling, believe me. If only I could, I’d make this world a better place. If only I could, I’d make this world a better place.”

Hard to believe Sydney Youngblood almost came to music by accident. This is nevertheless what he explained me. This in an interview back in what will seem like the Middle Age to many of you. I mean 1989!
Serving as a GI in what was then known as Western Germany, he would be the victim of an accident that took him away from his initial plans. His obvious singing skills allowing him though to connect with German multi-million selling projects producer Claus Zundel. Thus scoring with him his biggest success ever by the likes of the inspiring ‘If Only I Could’. A song dealing about brotherhood and love he (Youngblood) would like to create if only he could. All in all comin’ up with sparkling Spanish guitar breaks meanwhile borrowing both the basline and the drumbeat of Raze‘s classic ‘Break 4 Love’.

Here again, I could’t help smiling again while seeing all sorts of comments speakin’ about the nature of this production. Like “Reggae meets Hip-House with a dash of Lover’s Rock” on Music & Media back in September 1989. But also someone saying on Youtube“Acid House at its absolute finest!” This in addition to these few lines on Wikipedia about “utopian humanism” that the writer said to be “very uncommon in the songs devoted to nightclubs…” Pretty much miles away if not opposite to the reality at the end…

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