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T. Ski Valley – !Catch The Beat! (Rap & Breaks)

Classics: T. Ski Valley – !Catch The Beat! (Grand Groove Records)

‘Catch The Beat’… Here we go with quite an interesting joint as a matter of fact, as standing at the epicenter of the groove. As no matter where you might be comin’ from to be taken by its irresistible flow. From its jazzy piano part to its infectious bass-driven rhythm pattern cleverly built on a sample from Taana Gardner‘s classic ‘Heartbeat’. Not to mention T. Ski Valley‘s irresistible performance… As many elements to get you catch the beat without delay as a matter of fact. With extra thanks to its stellar arrangements courtesy of Glen Adams and Wayne Brathay.

The association between the artist and this piece of music is such that whenever searching ‘Catch The Beat’ nowadays the first name appearing on the search engines is the one of T. Ski Valley. And whenever lookin’ for T. Ski Valley, the first thing comin’ up is ‘Catch The Beat’. In other words, a recognition which has had its downside. Thus pretty much overshadowing the rest of the repertoire of T. Ski Valley at the end…

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Tyrone Cox got a part of his stage name from the Norhteast Bronx area (the Valley) where he saw the light. Eventually explaining: “T is for Tyrone. S for Sensation, K is for Koolest in the Nation, I is for Inspiration. Valley is where I come from.”

He started his musical career at the early age of 14. Evolving from Rap to Reggae, Gospel and Urban Jazz. Together with a pal called Disco Prince, he eventually formed a group by the likes of the Erotic Disco Brothers for some time. Then after various experiences, he came to work with Reggae producers Brad Osborne (Clocktower Records) and Sir Coxson Dodd (Studio One Records). This in putting together Grand Groove Records before comin’ up with his first release back in 1982. In other words, the memorable ‘!Catch The Beat!’. Itself built on a sample of Taana Gardner‘s classic ‘Heartbeat’). The latter most likely standing as his signature cut…

T. Ski Valley released another 12″ – ‘Big Stuff’ – on Grand Groove Records. This before switching to Glen Adams‘ Capo Records label where he released his one and only album – ‘In The 80’s – two years later. Eventually releasing a single here and then on various labels. With his latest to date – ‘U (R My Luva)’ – along with Paris Ford back in 1992.

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