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Teddy Douglas – Journey To The Motherland

Lost but not least! Teddy Douglas – Journey To The Motherland (Basement Boys Records)

Baltimore… Not the place that would first come to mind when thinkin’ of House Music, huh? Although that would be forgetting the contribution of countless cats hailin’ from the city. From Charles Dockins to DJ Pope and DJ Oji. But also Ultra Naté. Not to mention The Basement Boys and the many of those who’ve collaborated with them, beginning with Quantize Recordings label head DJ Spen!

Does ‘Journey To The Motherland’ refer to the capital of Maryland? I seriously doubt it as a matter of fact. Unless thinkin’ of it as one of the motherlands of soulful House. But we’re not talkin’ about this here.

‘Journey To The Motherland’ marks quite change as a matter of fact for one half of The Basement Boys, Teddy Douglas. The latter comin’ up with a boiling African-influenced tribal gem. Blending lush keys and an intoxicating organ solo courtesy of Hozay Clowney with kalimba over a percussive rhythm pattern.

‘Journey To The Motherland…’ Welcome aboard!

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To a big majority of us, Baltimore, MD would probably not be the first place comin’ to mind when speakin’ about House Music. It’s nonetheless one of the cradles of the genre. As pretty much reminded by Karizma in a (video) interview we had with him back in the day. With big ups to former graphic designer Jay Steinhour and former record store manager Teddy Douglas. Two guys who, in the second half of the 80’s, gave birth to The Basement Boys. A collective of talents that came to gather people such as Neal Conway and Kris Klayton aka Karizma. But also Maurice Fulton. Not to mention Thommy Davis and Sean Spencer (DJ Spen) who are at the command of Quantize Recordings nowadays.

The first trace of a release by the likes of The Basement Boys bring us back to 1988 and ‘Love Don’t Live Here No More’. An adaptation of Rose Royce‘s classic ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ on Jonathan Mann‘s Jump Street Records. And even though their discography as The Basement Boys isn’t that big, they most likely helped shapin’ the profiles of many local talents. From Ultra Naté (‘It’s Over Now’, ‘Scandal’) to Mass Order (‘Lift Every Voice’). But also Those Guys (‘Love, Love, Love’) and Jasper Street Co. (‘Solid Ground’) to name a few. Not to mention, although she’s hailing from WDC, Crystal Waters with the memorable ‘Gypsy Woman’.

Teddy Douglas adding his name to the list. Be it as a producer with gems such as ‘Love Of My Life’ for Arnold Jarvis. But also ‘God Created Woman’ for Margaret Grace and ‘Nobody’s Fool’ for Rochelle Fleming. Or as a solo artist with the explosive ‘Journey To The Motherland’ and the tribal ‘Check It Out’. In addition to ‘Only A Fool’ featuring Marcell more recently.

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