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thatmanmonkz feat. Nikki-O – Ooh Wee (Extended)

Single Of The Week: thatmanmonkz feat. Nikki-O – Ooh Wee (Extended) (Classic Music Company)

I guess I’m thankful enough to state I still can “Ooh Wee” about a piece of music after so many years. This despite havin’ seen so many people around actin’ as if they’d heard / done everything. And, if ever familiar with these shores, I suppose you’ve seen us enthuzing about thatmanmonkz here of there.

“Ooh Wee” expresses the idea astonishment, if not some admiration according to Oxforddicionaries. And phonetically speakin’, it sounds the same as “Oh oui” in French which means “Oh yes”. So please allow me to say “Oh oui”, “Oh Yes” and as a result “Ooh Wee” to this release. With so many connections which are as many references comin’ to mind. From say Black Ivory (‘Mainline’) to Ron Trent (‘Love To The World’). Not to mention Talking Heads (‘Once In A Lifetime’) when comin’ to listen to it. If not late producer Norman Whitfield. With Detroit songstress Nikki-O brilliantly takin’ her part…

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“You know thatmanmonkz, even if you don’t know thatmanmonkz” , one coud read somewhere on his bio. A statement that says a lot I suppose. Indamixworldwide makin’ no exception in that perspective. This with a couple of mentions of him on these shores to this date…

Hailing from Sheffield, Scott Moncrieff aka thatmanmonkz wears countless hats. From DJing to producing. But also acting as a recording artist and label boss of Shadeleaf Music. The fact he’d played with cats such as Carl Craig, Grandmaster Flash, Recloose, and Phil Asher somehow adding as to what he’s about.
Flat-sharing with producer Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A.) led to a crash course in studio techniques. Meanwhile inspiring him to join forces with Toddla T (Radio 1) and form Small Arms Fiya. The pair collaborating on a number of releases and remixes which all received an impressive global acclaim.

Moncrieff manages to tread that fine line of simultaneously picking up props from all angles. But also wrecking dance floors the world over, whilst remaining resolutely underground. Meanwhile obviously focusing on the more interesting corners of Dance Music. Just the way he did for instance along with Pete Simpson. This on ‘In Bed With You’ as a part of ‘Are You Still Sleeping’. An EP which marked the start of his collaboration with the Classic Music Company label back in 2015.

As a result, no wonder why Traxsource rated him as the #10 Deep House producer for the year 2016/2017. This by the time he released his recent debut-album – ‘Columbusing’ – which happened to be an interesting document. Most likely because it touched on authentic Deep House, Funk and Soul. And this, with plenty of proper song structures and real vocalists amidst the underground club heaters. Thus spanning gems such as ‘For Bae’ and ‘Turn It Out’ featuring Dave Aju. Then how could we forget his brilliant remix of Kraak & Smaak‘s ‘Smile’ back in 2017? With the aptly titled ‘Ooh Wee’ marking his return to Classic Music Company and featuring Detroit songstress Nikki-O most likely destined to make extra waves.

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