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The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Keyvan’s Paper

Lost but not least! The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Keyvan’s Paper (Document 1) (Filter)

In ‘Keyvan’s Paper (Document 1)’ you have ‘Keyvan’s Paper’ and ‘(Document 1)’ which suggests the existence of other topics of the likes. And the fact is we have a ‘(Document 2)’ and even a ‘3’ as parts of the 12″ release of this unsung gem back in 1999.

One of the definitive highlights of AOS’ second album, ‘Keyvan’s Paper’ comes as another illustration of the versatility of its members. In other words, Jean-Claude Thompson, the manager of London record shop If Music, and Mark Harbottle. Two guys who managed to craft music with class. With this eventually getting me to license a couple of theirs explorations on some of my compilations at the time. With the atmospheric modern jazzy funk ‘Keyvan’s Paper’ featuring Roger Beaujolais on vibraphone makin’ no exception. As included on the Chapter 2 of the ‘Codachromes’ series on Distance back in 2000…

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The Amalgamation Of Soundz… A name that most likely suggests the existence of various sources. As a matter of fact, they happened to be two. These by the likes of Mark Harbottle (working under the pseudonym of Dr Phar-C) and Jean-Claude Thompson (recording as J-C).

The idea of TAOS was brought by the latter. He thought that music didn’t need to fit into the traditional genres, but could blend all types of sounds into one. Hence the name of this venture.
By 1990, J-C met another DJ, Mark Harbottle, at a party. Both pretty much had the same view about music. Although it wasn’t until a few years on that they started working together under The Amalgamation Of Soundz banner. Eventually opening their account with ‘Theory EP’ – a 4 tracker – back in 1996 on Filter Records. With their debut-album – ‘Amalgamation Of Soundz’ – seeing the light the year after.

Two years later, they dropped ‘Keyvan’s Paper’, the first offshot from their ‘Part II’ album and, in the meantime, one of its highlights along with ‘Enchant Me’. A blowing atmospheric Jazz House gem which I eventually included on the Chapter 2 of the ‘Codachromes’ series on Distance back in 2000.
In 1999 they also delivered a one shot – ‘The World’ – for Chocolate Boy Recordings which I also happen to license. Although this time on the Chapter 1 of the same series…

By 2000, they eventually shared the bill with Quorum as The New Latinaires #10. Thus reachin’ another peak with the Bossa Jazzy ‘Batunova Scat’ for Californian label Ubiquity. And the year after, they came up with the Balearic ‘Alone’ for German label Compost. Meanwhile, the Lectrodeep ‘To Find A Quiet Space’ would be their last release under the TAOS banner back in September 2003. Another double tracker – ‘I Can’t Wait / I Wanna Know’ – comin’ to light during the Summer of 2008 under the mysterious Tommi Sparxxx guise.

By the same time (2003) Jean-Claude eventually gave birth to If Music. Soon turnin’ it into one of the most respected record shops in London. And, more recently, he released three compilations for BBE. ‘You Need This! A Journey Into Deep Jazz’ in 2015 with its follow up two years later. And ‘You Need This: An Introduction To Black Saint & Soul Note (1975-1985)’ in 2017. ‎

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