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The Circle City Band – Magic (Circle City Records)

Most Wanted! The Circle City Band – Magic (Circle City Records)

“That magic comin’ from the sparkle in your eyes makes me realize I know that you’re the only one for me…” I remember this being pretty much how I felt when given a listen to this joint back in the day.

Put together by Indianapolis-based singer /songwriter / producer Stanlee Paul Thomas. The illustration of a perfectly balanced jam. Displaying enlightening lyrics blended with sparkling key parts over a rumblin’ slapped funky bassline.

Magic… Just what it says, don’t you think?

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Stanley Paul Thomas is the driving force behind The Circle City Band. The group made quite a sensation back in 1983, with the timeless ‘Magic’. An uplifting song rated as Boogie Funk which Becket Records licensed soon after. It would therefore be followed by two extra singles – ‘My Place’ and ‘Party Lights (Shake Your Body Get Loose)’ – meant to be parts of an album. An album which, for some reason, only saw the light almost 30 years after. With props to Ubiquity subbdivision Luv N’ Height for this.

Thomas also happened to produce two singles for The Rickie Clarke Company, from the name of the one who gave birth to the Circle City Records label.

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