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The Disco to House Music Daily Update!

Much has been done since we relaunched our site with “The Disco to House Music Daily Update!” as its tagline back in June 2014. With the story continuing from a week to another. I suppose our design and the facilities we’re offering you have evolved. And so has our approach of things in the meantime. With these few lines to be seen as an extension to our About section, as a matter of fact…

The Disco to House Music Daily Update! Although not only… In this environment of ours where everything has become fragmented, many are those who asked us why we didn’t come up with a category related named site. Well, the reasons are quite numerous as a matter of fact. Thus pretty much explaining the editorial line which has been ours since day 1. Even though it has evolved along with time. To come up in a slightly more Internet adapted format for obvious Search Engine Optimization reasons…

The Disco to House Music Daily Update!The Disco to House Music Daily Update just stood as a evidence for us. And this for obvious chronological reasons. With House Music comin’ up as the next big thing after Disco. Just like R&B made it in regards to Soul Music by the beginning of the 80’s, as Mel Cheren explained it in a conversation we had back in the day. Meanwhile a quick look at the NYC Club Music scene just shows us as to how everything comes from the same tree at the end.

Is it to say our approach is more American, not to say New Yorker? I guess I don’t have any problem with this. As myself comin’ from a period (the mid-70’s) when we would play any piece of music we found good and groovy on the floors. Regardless where it was comin’ from. In other words, simply considering music as a whole. This as opposed to the myriad of genres and subcategories we have to deal with nowadays.

Of course, rating music has its advantages. Meanwhile allowing us to have an idea as to what to be excepting. But the process has also widely shown its limits. Eventually fragmenting the crowd into as many micro niches. In other words, at the opposite from its initial goal. With the latter being to unite people regardless their differences.

As a matter of fact, how could we ever have a good understanding of History when comin’ to divide it? It would be like takin’ the risk to cut ourselves from fundamental parts of it explaining where we’re comin’ from at the end. Wouldn’t it?

Besides, a quick listen to Contemporary Music suffices to realize as to how it’s thankfully not monolithic. Embedding countless vibes which are as many signs of the influence(s) of its creators. Therefore most oftenly makin’ the line very thin from a genre to another. And, in the meantime, makin’ it so fascinating even though quite complex to bring the whole puzzle back together. The whole explaining the concept of our reviews and their interactivity. This via links from a feature to another for a better (and hopefully comprehensive) understanding. But also to external resources. Be you in search of extra info, a vinyl to purchase or a file to (legally) download. From Wikipedia to Discogs or Traxsource among others.

The Disco to House Music Daily Update… A tagline that pretty much recaptures our spectrum. Covering 5 decades of Black Music. Meanwhile reestablishing the connection between as many different vibes such as, Soul, Jazz, Afro, Latin, Funk & more via interviews & reviews…

Welcome to a journey to the center of the… groove!

Editorials: The Disco to House Music Daily Update!

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