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The Jones Girls – Life Goes On (John Morales Mix)

Lost but not least! The Jones Girls – Life Goes On (John Morales Mix) (Philadelphia International Records/BBE)

‘Life Goes On’… Don’t even have deeper look to find traces of it as a single back in the day. Philadelphia International Records most likely passed on it. Obviously focussing on ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else’. If not ‘We’re A Melody’ and the upbeat ‘You Made Me Love You’. Even though the latter happened to be far from meeting the same standards as ‘Life Goes On’…

Some of you might argue, it’s always easier to have a wide angle view along with time. And I certainly won’t deny this. No more than the fact that Gamble & Huff put together one of the most influential labels in the history of contemporary music. But that same history has shown as to how they did a bunch of mistakes. In terms of A&Ring as promowise. And maybe because of being too much committed into what they were doin’ at the time. And eventually forgetting it’s always better to be able to take some benefit from an oustide view.

History is most likely what it is. And there’s no way we could rewrite it. Only can we give it some further development. Which is most definitely what John Morales did whenever decidin’ to retouch ‘Life Goes On’. Meanwhile brilliantly refurbishin’ this unsung treasure from the past.

Originally a 4:30 minute recording from The Jones Girls‘ eponymous album under the direction of Jack Faith… Morales turned it into a 10:30 masterpiece. Somehow givin’ it a Phillier sound than the original. But also fully highlighting the obvious vocal talent of the threesome in the meantime. With extra thanks to UK label BBE Records for its inclusion on ‘The M+M Mixes Volume IV (The Ultimate Collection)’ compilation back in 2017.

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

– Hailing from Detroit, MI, Brenda, Valorie and Shirley Jones served as backing vocalists for a myriad of artists. From Lou Rawls to Teddy Pendergrass and Linda Clifford to name a few…
As a threesome, they spent most of their time on Philadelphia International Records where they delivered their biggest classics. ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else’ standing on top of the list. But also ‘Nights Over Egypt’. Not to mention ‘You Can’t Have My Love’ and ‘Keep It Comin” with production work by the likes of Keni Burke to a lesser extend.

After the failure of the ‘On Target’ album back in 1983, lead singer Shirley Jones embarked on a solo career. She scored a R&B hit with ‘Do You Get Enough Love’ which Bunny Sigler wrote, co-producing it with Kenny Gamble.
She also released an album – ‘Ladies Night Out’ – along with Jean Carn and Cherrelle back in 2007.

Brenda Jones released a single, ‘What Your Love Has Done’ as The BrendaJones Experience back at the end of 2014 on Josh Milan‘s Honeycomb label.

Valorie Jones sadly died on Dec. 02, 2001, in Detroit, MI, at the age of 45.
Brenda Elaine Jones sadly passed on Apr. 03, 2017, after being hit by a car in Wilmington, DE. She was 62.

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