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The Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word

Most Wanted! The Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word (Next Plateau)

‘Stand On The Word’ initially saw the light back in 1982 under the The Celestial Choir guise in an undisclosed way. NYC-based label Next Plateau licensed it 3 years after, therefore giving it more exposure. But this time crediting it to The Joubert Singers

A Gospel theme, as one may guess, which the late Walter Gibbons happpened to discover back then. It was mistakenly said that Larry Levan, who extensively played it at The Paradise Garage, remixed it. Although, Tony Humphries is the one who did it.

The Joubert Singers saw the light in The Bronx, NYC. Formed by Phylliss Joubert along with sister Michelle McKoy and cousins Gwen Carter, Debra Cleavest and Douglas Miller.

The first version of ‘Stand On The Word’ appeared on the ‘Somebody Prayed For This’ Gospel LP. Credited to The Celestial Choir, it got privately pressed by The First Baptist Church Of Crown Heights. An album which Phyliss Joubert wrote and produced together with Henry Davis.

The late DJ/remixer Walter Gibbons, who was also working in various record stores, never missed an opportunity to push Gospel records to anyone who would listen to them. This is pretty much how ‘Stand On The Word’ made its way. And most likely how it came to the ears of fellow DJ Larry Levan, with the rest being history…

Next Plateau released it back in 1985, commissioning Tony Humphries to do a remix. Meanwhile Virgin subdivision 10 Records licensed it in the UK.

Many bootlegs appeared since, including a memorable one wrongly / fakely credited to Larry Levan as the one who remixed it.

‘Stand On The Word’ ended up being the only piece of music by the likes of The Joubert Singers.

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