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The McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night

Most Wanted! The McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night (Capitol)

I guess it won’t be an offence stating The McCrarys are pretty much associated to ‘Love On A Summer Night’. And that ‘Love On A Summer Night’ pretty much resumes the career of The McCrarys as a matter of fact. This despite the fact they released six albums between 1972 and 1982. And what a timeless bliss we just happen to have here…

‘Love On A Summer Night’ is just one of these things that instantly blows the hearts and souls. Soundin’ like a (delicious) Summer breeze. With everything delicately comin’ together as one over a rounded funky bassline. The whole in a jazzy flow with producer Wayne Henderson‘s solo on trombone standin’ as the icing on the cake.

‘Love On A Summer Night’… The McCrarys had most likely found the perfect balance. Alas, they disbanded soon after the release of their ‘All Night’ album…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Wikipedia cites ‘You’ as their first track comin’ to mind when thinkin’ of The McCrarys. Eventually quoting the presence of Stevie Wonder on harmonica. Well, I’m afraid I have to strongly disagree on this. With the value of the blowin’ ‘Love On A Summer Night’ pretty much speakin’ for istelf on the second hand market.

Hailing from Youngstown, OH, The McCrarys were a family recording act consisting of Alfred, Charity, Howard, Linda and Sam McCrary.
By 1972, they released a Gospel album – ‘Sunshine Day’ – on Light Records. Then Howard left the year after with the band movin’ to secular music. Eventually releasing their follow-up album by the likes of ‘Emerge’ on the Cats Eye label that same year.

Strangely enough, they remained silent for five years on the release front. Then, now relocated in Los Angeles, LA, they made their return with a new album, ‘Loving Is Living’. And this on a new label (Portrait) with Stevie Wonder appearing on harmonica on ‘You’. But even though the latter received a lot of airplay Stateside, it’s far from the noise the group made four years later with the soothing ‘Love On A Summer Night’. Most definitely one of the highlights from their final ‘All Night Long’ album along with the Earth, Wind & Fire-esque ‘Night Room’. With thanks to Wayne Henderson‘s stellar production work.

More recently, back in 2014, ‘Love On A Summer Night’ has eventually been the subject of a brilliant Edit titled ‘Summer Love’. This by the likes of Montreal, QC-based studio guru Dave Allison, better known as Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee.

Soon after disbanding the members of The McCrarys worked from then as session singers.

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