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The Pasadenas – I’m Doing Fine Now (Columbia)

Classics: The Pasadenas – I’m Doing Fine Now (Columbia)

UK Soul quintet The Pasadenas pretty much made the sensation in Britain and Continental Europe. This while makin’ their debut back in 1988 with their ‘To Whom It May Concern’ album. An effort which spanned the classics ‘Tribute (Right On)’ and ‘Riding On A Train’. Not to mention a cover version of The Chi-Lites‘ ‘Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man’.

We catch them three years after with another cover version. Takin’ on where New York City had left back in 1973 with the bittersweet ‘I’m Doin’ Fine Now’. For some reason, the latter would come with a slightly different spelling (‘I’m Doing Fine Now’). Although remaining quite true to the original spirit of the song. With thanks to Billy Griffin and Ian Levine in charge of the production work.

The Pasadenas not only scored their biggest success ever with ‘I’m Doing Fine Now’. But also pretty much contributed putting back its original version to the attention of a new generation of music lovers. This resulting in New York City‘s album of the likes being the subject of heavy battles between bidders on the second hand market. If not Tom Moulton comin’ up with an extended version of it as a part of his 2013 ‘Philly ReGrooved 3’ compilation on Harmless Records.

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The Pasadenas saw the light in Britain by the end of the 80’s. This from the reunion between Mike and Andrew Milliner, both born in… Pasadena, CA. But also Andrew Banfield, Aaron Brown and Hamish Seelochan. Both their music and the way they appeared on vids such as on the clip of ‘I’m Doing Fine Now’ pretty much reflect their inclination for Doo-Wop, Motown Soul and Funk.

Strangely enough they never really managed to make it Stateside, but they reached absolute peaks in their home country and in Europe. Beginning with the 1988 released ‘Tribute (Right On)’. A cut that saw them paying their props to Soul luminaries such as Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin, as an appetizer to their debut-album (‘To Whom It May Concern). With extra successes following such as the equally memorable ‘Riding On A Train’.

Joinin’ Band Aid II in 1989, they met further recognition the year after. This with ‘Love Thing’, with production work courtesy of Paul Staveley O’Duffy (Swing Out Sister, Was Not Was…).

The Pasadenas reached their absolute peak back in 1991 with their cover version of New York City‘s ‘I’m Doin’ Fine Now’. The opening cut to their ‘Yours Sincerly’ third effort. An album that spanned the vibrant ‘Move In The Right Direction’ as remixed by the late Frankie Knuckles.

Another album – ‘Phoenix’ – saw the light back in 1995 on Japanese label Poney Canyon. But The Pasadenas never managed to resurface and ended up disbanding…

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