Thu. Aug. 05, 2021

The Todd Terry Project – Weekend (Fresh Records)

Classics: The Todd Terry Project – Weekend (Fresh Records)

“(Tonight’s the night the time is right). Maybe I’ll find a friend to spend the weekend. (Goin’ out, but the chance ain’t wide). I’m goin’ to find, to find someone, someone to spend the night, baby…”

A New Yorker dubbed with a music lover, Todd Terry has grown up in the biggest melting pot of influences one may think of. In other words, in the Big Apple, itself the cradle of nightclubbing. With each weekend here or there seeming like a ceremonial if not a religious act.
As a result, he most likely has totally integrated both the Disco and Hip-Hop cultures in his productions. Thus pretty much embodying the sound of early NYC House Music.

From his 1988 ‘To The Batmobile’ album, This bumpin’ ‘Weekend’ of his just takes on where Phreek‘s classic of the likes left 10 years before. Itself a cut penned by Leroy Burgess and James Calloway, with production work by the likes of Patrick Adams.

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