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Dele Sosimi – Too Much Information (Remix)

Tennerz: Dele Sosimi – Too Much Information (Jephté Guillaume Tet Kale Remix) (Rainy City)

Here we go with another set of remixes of ‘Too Much Information’. And this time on Mancunian label Rainy City. A jam which you might remember for its boiling rework by the likes of DJ Spen and Thommy Davis back in September 2014 on Quantize Recordings. If not by DJ Said a couple of months later…

Famous for his memorable collabs with Joe Claussell, Tet Kale label head Jephté Guillaume now takes the centerstage. Adding extra horns to expand its the organic (Afrobeat) swingalong of ‘Too Much Information’. Even though givin’ it a smoother feel in comparison to Raul K who, on his mix, gives it a more in yer face kind of approach…

Download from Traxsource.

Dele Sosimi stands out as one of the most active musicians currently on the Afrobeat scene worldwide…
His career began when he joined Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s Egypt 80 with whom he played keyboards for 7 years, between 1979 and 1986. Fela was the founder of the style of music known as Afrobeat. This music is a blend of complex but highly danceable funk grooves together with Nigerian traditional music (including Hi-Life) and African percussion. Underpinning the Jazz horns and solos from other instruments, as well as rhythmical singing.

During Fela‘s incarceration in 1984, Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti (in other words Femi Kuti) – Fela‘s son and Dele‘s childhood/school friend – took over the reins. Temporarily leading the band Egypt 80.

By that time, Dele developped his arranging skills as the musical director of the band. He re-orchestrated and re-arranged for Egypt 80. And he also handled the recruiting and training of new musicians. Eventually playing keyboards on the following Fela/Egypt 80 hits. From ‘Power Show’ to ‘Original Sufferhead’, ‘Customs Check Point’ and ‘MOP 1 (Movement of the People)’. Not to mention ‘Give Me Shit I Give You Shit’ and ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense’ among others [More info…]

Dele Sosimi no surprisingly came to also collaborate with Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen on a regular basis. Meanwhile, some of you might as well remember him for his participation to Ralf GUM‘s 2014 ‘In My City’ album.

Dele delivered his first release – ‘Turbulent Times’ – back in 2002 on Eko Star Music. And although Wikipedia considers it as an album, it was more of an EP featuring 6 tracks as a matter of fact. His debut-album as such – ‘Identity’ – comin’ up five years later on Helico Records. A collection which Songlines magazine described as “A sizzling set from London’s Afrobeat leader” (Wikipedia).

He released his second album – ‘You No Fit Touch Am’ – some 8 years after on Wah Wah 45’s. A label where he delivered most of his music since. With tracks such as ‘Turn You No Fit Touch Am’ and a dub version of ‘You No Fit Touch Am’. This in addition to ‘TMI (Too Much Information)’ under various remix packages. Beginning with DJ Spen and Thommy Davisrework on Quantize Recordings. But also DJ Said‘s one on Fatsouls Records). Then Jephté Guillaume‘s revamp on Rainy City. With a remix pack of ‘E Go Betta’ and ‘I Don’t Care’ followin’ back in March 2017 on… Wah Wah 45’s. And a rework of ‘Turbulent Times’ by the likes of Armonica seein’ the light 16 months after on MoBlack Records.

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