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Touchdown – Ritmo Suave (Streetwise)

Lost but not least! Touchdown – Ritmo Suave (Streetwise)

Ritmo suave, although not only… Britain has made itself a reputation of top quality groove manufacturing for five decades. From Northern Soul to Rare Groove, Disco and Funk. But also R&B, Soul, Jazz, House. Not to mention Trip Hop and Drum & Bass…

Comin’ to light in 1981 on Jeff Weston‘s Record Shark Records… The original version of this Jazz/Funk killer jam – ‘Ease Your Mind’ – would resurface the year after on US label Streetwise. Thus receiving a remix treatment by the likes of Arthur Baker and Cosmo Wyatt. Meanwhile it would also be dubbed with a Spanish version – ‘Ritmo Suave’ – for the occasion. This with lyrics written by Joe Bataan and new vocals courtesy of Newyorican.

‘Ease Your Mind’ / ‘Ritmo Suave’ pretty much remains the so to say the only feat of arms by the likes of transient Touchdown. A fortet comprizing Alan Braithwithe, Dominic Borg, Peter Harmsworth and Steve Vincent. The latter comin’ to fame years later under his Stevie V guise with ‘Dirty Cash (Money Talks)’.
Alton Miller givin’ it a new life in 2001 while covering it some twenty years after on Muse Recordings. Then Los Amigos Invisibles during the following the year on MAW Records.

In the meantime, I eventually borrowed the ‘Ritmo Suave’ title for two compilations I’ve released in 2000 and 2001 respectively on Universal and Slip’N Slide via Compulsive.

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A quick look at the activities of its protagonists is definitely of a help for a better understanding of the situation. To the exception of Steve Vincent who later made some noise as Stevie V, Touchdown happened to be a one shot experience for the others. In other words, Alan Braithwithe, Dominic Borg and Peter Harmsworth who all pretty much disappeared from the radar. This after the Touchdown venture went to an end in 1986.

Touchdown came up with a first version of ‘Ease Your Mind’ for London label Reecord Shack Records back in 1981. With the latter resurfacing the year after with remixing work courtesy of Arthur Baker. But also a Spanish version – ‘Ritmo Suave’ – as its flipside with Joe Bataan responsible for the writing of the lyrics and Newyorican for the vocal performance. A second single – ‘Breakout’ featuring Trevor Ash – followed that same year. Then a third and final one – ‘The Endzone’ – in 1986 on Debut Edge Records. This with Nigel Wright in charge of the production.

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