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Touché – Just Like A Doorknob (S.P.Q.R)

Most Wanted! Touché – Just Like A Doorknob (S.P.Q.R)

The origins of this group have always been something of a mystery to me. With chances being great that I’m not the only one on this case as a matter of fact.
Did Touché happen to be American? And by that, I’m referring to the identity of their producers. Were they Italian, judging by the location of this label based in Roma? Were they both of them at the end, just like Change? This with their kind of soundalike vocal arrangements??? Who, apart from the ones involved on this project, could ever respond to this???

The follow up to the vocoderized ‘Wrap It Up’ on Emergency Records, ‘Just Like A Doorknob’ is a slamming piano driven Disco/Funk gem. Its outstanding vocal arrangements, as earlier mentioned, most definitely standing as the icing on the cake…

The Italians eventually left quite mixed impressions as far as Dance Music is concerned. One one hand, they happened to deliver countless mediocre productions. As many things which contributed to either kill Disco at the end. When not giving birth to the Eurodance 10 years after. And in the meantime, some of them could deliver 1st league jams. From Gino Soccio to Change and the likes (ie BB&Q Band, High Fashion). But also Boeing, Dr. Togo or… Touché. Not to mention Blackbox, Double Dee and Jestofunk later on!

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As you might guess in such a situation, not much could be found about Touché apart from the fact that they were probably an association of session singers.
All in all, they released 3 singles between 1982 and 1986. The first (‘Wrap It Up’) on Emergency, then ‘Just Like A Doorknob’ on S.P.Q. R.. And, last but not least, the final one – ‘Jason Jason’ – on Doug E Fresh‘s Reality Records. With Claudette Washington and Dennis Bell, remembered for their collaboration with Tom Browne on ‘Fungi Mama’, producing all of them as a matter of fact.

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