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Traci Braxton – Broken Things (SWE)

Single Of The Week: Traci Braxton feat. Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton & Trina Braxton – Broken Things (Soul World Entertainment°

Unless hailing from another planet / galaxy, chances are great you would have heard at least once of the Braxtons. As a band and if not as a family of 5 sisters comprising Tamar, Towanda, Traci and TrinaBraxton. Not to mention Toni who’s probably the most well known of them, with thanks to a consistant discography.

Toni may have removed Tamar and Traci from her upcoming tour. This hasn’t stopped the sisters from collaborating musicwise though. Such as on Traci‘s new single ‘Broken Things’. A slow and vibrant gem she premiered last Apr. 19 during the episode of the WeTV series ‘Braxton Family Values’.

Deemed a “buzz single” with Traci’s new album due to follow soon, ‘Broken Things’ features Toni, Towanda and Trina. And here again, we can see one of the sisters is missing by the likes of Tamar. Therefore bringin’ its theme into another perspective. As not only dealing with repairing a troubled or lost love. But also most likely expressing the reality of a comparable need for repair in the sisters’ relationships.

“Who can fix these broken things?”, they sing in harmony on the chorus. “Who can put us back together now that we’re undone? Now that we can’t remember how…”

A native of Severn, MD, Traci Renee Braxton is the third of a six children family. The latter comprising Toni (1967) and Michael, Jr.. Then Towanda (1973), Trina (1974) and Tamar (1977) in addition to her (1971). Raised in a strict religious household, she unsurprisingly delivered her first performance in her church choir…

The sisters signed their first record deal with Arista back in 1989. Then, they released their first single, ‘Good Life’, the year later. It was not a hit and would be their only single as a fivesome. With the main reason being the members’ age difference which created a problem in terms of marketing. And soon after resulting in the Braxtons being released from their contract with Arista.

Toni Braxton signed a deal the year after with ‘L.A.’ Reid & Babyface. Becoming their new label ‘LaFace Records’ first female solo artist. Meanwhile her sisters remained homeless for the time being. With LaFace telling them they were not lookin’ for another girl group as they’d just signed TLC.

That didn’t get them away from becoming backup singers for Toni‘s first American tour. Eventually appearing on the video of ‘Seven Whole Days’, the third single from her debut-album. Then finally getting a contract back in the mid 90’s with Atlantic. This resulting in the release of their ‘So Many Ways’ album. And probably even more the one of their cover version of the Ashford & Simpson‘s penned ‘The Boss’ with remixing work courtesy of Masters At Work. Although, strangely enough, Traci was not on the bill. With Vibe magazine eventually reporting in 1995 she’d left the group to pursue a career as a youth counselor. Meanwhile Towanda explained 9 years later that Traci hadn’t been allowed to sign with Atlantic because of her pregnancy at the time.

In 2013, Traci Braxton signed a record deal as a solo artist with independent media conglomerate Entertainment One under eOne Music and Soul World Entertainment. And the same year, she got her own radio show – The Traci Braxton show – on BLIS.F.M..

Her solo debut album, ‘Crash & Burn’, saw the light back in October 2014. Its lead single – ‘Last Call’ – peakin’ at number 16 on the US R&B Adult.
Another single – ‘Perfect Time’ – following in 2015. That same year seeing the release of the Braxtons‘s second album (‘Braxton Family Christmas’) on Def Jam.

2018 most likely appears like an exciting new chapter. With Traci on her way to release her second album featuring the vibrant ‘Broken Things’. This in addition to her movie acting debut on the Jimmy and Joshua Jenkins directed ‘Sinners Wanted’.

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