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Traxsource IDMW Top 10 October 2016

Traxsource IDMW Top 10 October 2016

#01 – Justin Imperiale feat. Max Paparella – Bai’O (Cabana Recordings)
Cabana Recordings label head Justin Imperiale teamin’ up with Max Paparella on the percussive jazzy tropical ‘Bai’O’ [More…]

#02 – Fred Everything – True (Lazy Days Recordings)
Fred Everything spicing up things with the fonky early 90’s UK House scene-influenced ‘True’. We didn’t want to miss this. And so shouldn’t you [More…]

#03 – Latest Craze – I’m Loving Tonight (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper’s Director’s Cut Classic Mix) (Soundmen On Wax)
The Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper Director Cut’s signature speakin’ once again for itself on the Latest Craze‘s highly emotional ‘I’m Loving Tonight’ [More…]

#04 – Rhemi – Give It To You (Rhemi Music)
UK brothers in rhythm Ziggy Funk and Neil Pierce aka Rhemi on a serious Jazz/Funk tip with the flute led ‘Give it To Ya’. Let’s groove! [More…]

#05 – 808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) (Feel My Bicep)
Belfast-based twosome Bicep givin’ some extra musculature on their revamp of 808 State‘s deep and spacey ‘In Yer Face’ [More…]

#06 – David Anthony UK feat. Tasha LaRae & Bennett Holland – Live To Love (Quantize Recordings)
From David Anthony‘s freshly squeezed album, the delicate uplifting ‘Live To Love’ along with singer Tasha LaRae takin’ the centerstage [More…]

#07 – Tamashi feat. Melyssa Brown – Stay On It (MoBlack Records)
Italian producer Tamashi delivering the Afro deepnotic ‘Stay On It’ along with singer Melyssa Brown [More…]

#08 – Mr Brian Power presents Rebecca Scales – So Long Gone (Soulhousemusic)
Rebecca Scales evoking the ever delicate theme of the bittersweet love affair on ‘So Long Gone’ along with producer Brian Power [More…]

#09 – Natasha Watts – Everything (Louie Vega Remix) (Vega Records)
Louie Vega dropping his unmistakable signature sound on his remix of Natasha Watts‘ ‘Elevation’ which she released back in March 2015 along with THR33 [More…]

#10 – Rahnda Rize – This Ain’t Love (Club Mix) (Steal Vybe)
Damon Bennett crafting the perfect energetic environment to Rahnda Rize‘s words of self love, courage and liberation [More…]

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