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Traxsource IDMW Top 10 October 2018

Traxsource IDMW Top 10 October 2018

#01 – The Shapeshifters feat. Teni Tinks – Try My Love (On For Size) (Club Mix) (Glitterbox)
Is Disco dead in any way? Just ask The Shapeshifters and, even more, listen to their outstanding rendition of Sharon Redd‘s underrated ‘Try My Love On For Size’ with singer Teni Tinks takin’ the centerstage! [More…]

#02 – Hallex M, Darien & Omar – Straight Up! (Original Mix) (United Music Records)
Africa calling… French producer Hallex M teamin’ up once again with Brit-Soul Don Omar and New York singer Darien Dean on the Afro Caribbean flavored ‘Straight Up!’. You just don’t wanna miss this. Do you? [More…]

#03 – Anto Vitale feat Alex Senna – Theorema Del Faya (Unreleased Tea Party Mix) (Global Soul Music)
Whatever happened to both producer Anto Vitale and singer Alex Senna? Ten years after after the release of their memorable ‘Theorema Del Faya’, they’ve never managed to do any better. Except maybe with the release of these remixes quite worth the investment [More…]

#04 – Hifi Sean featuring Paris Grey – Lost without U (Extended Mix) (Glitterbox)
Like it or not, everything comes to an end. Beginning with the very best. Which is most definitely where Inner City‘s famous Paris Grey is at along with producer Hifi Sean. Pretty much lamenting about the end of a long and hot Summer over this bumpin’ bass-driven Post-Disco killer groove [More…]

#05 – Sean McCabe presents Dannis Winston – Rocket Love (Sean And Lem’s Main Vocal) (Good Vibrations Music)
The ongoing establishment of a new production pair??? Sean McCabe and Mood II Swing‘s one half Lem Springsteen back together again on the deep and jazzy ‘Rocket Love’ as fronted by NYC singer Dannis Winston [More…]

#06 – Groove Junkies, Reelsoul & Manoo featuring Nichelle Monroe – Feel My Truth (Manoo, GJs & Reelsoul Fusion Re-Work) (Quantize Recordings)
Groove Junkies and Reelsoul recyclin’ Nichelle Monroe‘s ‘My Truth’ meanwhile mashin’ it up with Manoo‘s Dub mix of Sister Pearl‘s ‘Feel It’. The whole comin’ up as ‘Feel My Truth’. QED!

#07 – Djeff – Labyrinth (Atjazz Remix) (Kazukuta Records)
How about losin’ yourself in Djeff (Afrozilla)’s fascinating ‘Labyrinth’ as remixed in Atjazz‘s instantly identifiable way??? [More…]

#08 – Carlos A – Como Va (Original Mix) (Sousa-Label)
Not that many info about Carlos A as a matter of fact. To the exception of his obvious connection with Santana‘s music. And more precisely the classic ‘Oye Como Va’ from their 1972 ‘Abraxas’ album…

#09 – Stephane Deschezeaux presents The Chemical Groove – Freak Your Body (Original Mix) (Springbox Records)
French producer Stephane Deschezeaux comin’ up with the flamboyant Electro/Disco/Funk vocoderized ‘Freak Your Body’. Just as it says…

#10 – Dana Weaver – Freedom (Doug Gomez Soul Vocal) (POJI Records)
Merecumbe Recordings label head Doug Gomez adding his touch to Dana Weaver‘s heartfelt ‘Freedom’ meanwhile droppin’ a whirlwind of lush key parts over an uplifting Afro/Latin-influenced rhythm pattern…

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