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Trending, so what?!?

Trending: Trending, So What?Trending, so what?!? Who, once gotten a grip on her/himself, has never had the feeling of having responded (a bit) too quickly to a solicitation X or Y? I guess none of us. With this applying to almost every aspects of life, shopping making a good illustration to this.  From current consumer goods, to a piece of clothes. Some furniture, antiques or else, music being no exception. With the main cause being the same on most cases. Most likely, the lack of time taken to make ourselves a clearer idea… About the nature of the good itself, the accuracy if not the (real) necessity to acquire it. This leading us to eventually blame ourselves for such a compulsive attitude at the end!

Trending, so what?!? Quite hard though to not be tempted. Therefore in an environment where everything is pretty much tailored to tickle our will. This with the use of a whole bunch of marketer recipes/tricks to make us feel like in the necessity to consume. And (hopefully for them) to make us spend money as quickly/much as possible… Be it at a casino, under flashy lights with a continuous flow of coins falling around.

A concept which the developers of Facebook seem to have made theirs too. At some electronic device shop with the salesmen trying to convince us that we’re some has-been. Most likely because of not havin’ jumped of the ultimate version of a device we’ve bought six months ago. And the list goes on. Not to mention, back in the day when comin’ to buy tunes at our favorite record shop. Surrounded by a whole bunch of people chasing the latest releases around!!! All in all, the usual artifices used with the will to maintain us in a never ending state of frustration at the end…

Trending, so what?!? “Only time will tell”, used to sing Chicago House band Ten City. Besides, we all know as how the real invariably prevails over the trendy. Most likely due to disappear as quickly as it has appeared. This being what helps us coming to establish the difference between the timeless and the ephemeral. As would have said 17th century famous French poet Jean de La Fontaine back in the day… “Slow and steady wins the race…” And this is exactly about where to find us, music lovers. While on our ongoing way to put together the most comprehensive guide regarding the vibes and the artists we share a common love for. With your support via comments, reactions, suggestions being our most precious reward…

Trending, so what?!?
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Editorials: Trending, so what?!?

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