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Tyree Cooper & Kool Rock Steady – Turn Up The Bass

Classics: Tyree Cooper feat. Kool Rock Steady – Turn Up The Bass (DJ International)

“Tyree Cooper, the producer, awesome super duper trooper. He made the bass go his banging while the samples gone there changing. Everything is on, truly legit. His record hits like I leave my fist. So turn it up loud and rock the place. And don’t forget to turn up the bass. Turn up the bass!” Here we go talkin’ real history! And more precisely the one of House Music. Speakin’ of which Chicagoan DJ/producer Tyree Cooper, contributed writing one of the most infectious episodes. Thus comin’ up with the reputedly infeasible. In other words, blending together Hip-Hop and House vibes.

‘Turn Up The Bass!’ brings me back to weird reactions from editors I happened to work with back in the day. On one side, I remember the boss of a Hip-Hop/R&B mag tellin’ me how there was no way we would ever be talkin’ about music destined to the gay crowd. Meanwhile, on the other, the head of edition of a Techno/House one said to me he had no space for B-Boys music. Bullsh**, I thought to myself in front of such narrow minded folks. As the proper of music is just to feed itself from any kind of influences at the end. And Hip-House was born, thus appearing as one of the most energetic and infectious blends one might have thought of at the time.

As a matter fact, ‘Turn Up The Bass’ pretty much opened the path for other monsterjams in the series to be found in our 10 essential Hip-House tracks. Itsef comin’ up in an intoxicating amalgamation of samples. From Lyn Collins‘ ‘Think (About It)’ to DJ Grand Wizard Theodore And The Fantastic Five‘s ‘Fantastic Freaks at The Dixie’. But also Public Enemy‘s ‘Cold Lampin’ With Flavor’ + ‘Bring The Noise’. All in all, standing as Tyree Cooper‘s biggest classic at the end. This along with Kool Rock Steady in the role of the MC. Not to mention labelmate Fast Eddie responsible for the scratches. A cut which FFRR eventually licensed in the UK…

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Everything has a start. And Tyree Cooper‘s one probably happened while givin’ a listen to the old R&B dusties of his mom. Thus most likely discovering his love for the Soul Music back in the sixties.
Growing up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side, he eventually played the flute in his Grammar school band at the age of 13. Then, while at High School, he met Mike Dunn and got himself into DJing. Meanwhile, listening to Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and the memorable ‘Hot Mix 5’ achieved to so to say school him.

Within a few years rom then, Cooper had already become one of the most sought after jocks in the Windy City area. This being when Vince Lawrence, a member of Jesse Saunders‘s Jesse Gang suggested him to record a demo tape of his music. Then get into the circuit as a recording artist.

Cooper would find the ideal place for his art while signing with Rocky Jones‘ DJ International label. The home of JM Silk, Sterling Void and other Joe Smooth.
There, he caused quite a sensation when, with labelmate DJ Fast Eddie, he took the floors by storm with a blend of Hip-Hop and House vibes. Thus pretty much putting Hip-House on the map along with other artists such as Mr Lee, Deskee and Hi-Tek 3 for instance. With the whole resulting in an impressive series of firing gems. From the memorable ‘Turn Up The Bass’ to ‘Let The Music Take Control’ and ‘House Music Is My Life’. And this in addition to Fast Eddie‘s ‘Yo Yo Get Funky’ and ‘Git On Up’.

Cooper released three albums on DJ International between 1989 and 1991. Then, after a 7 years hiatus he returned to transient label X-Dub Inc. with ‘Welcome To Ty’z House’. An effort that saw him merging classics with a bunch of unreleased cuts. This before launching his own Supa Dupa Recordings imprint. A label where he dropped his latest album to date – ‘Jack’d Volume 1’ – back in 2007.

On the single front, other releases worth the check include the boiling ‘Way U Move’ which saw him sharing the bill with Fast Eddie aka The CEO back in 1998. But also ‘Groove You Out Tonight’ five years later along with Shik Stylkø. Meanwhile 2018 saw him delivering the killer ‘Passin Through The House’ along with Isis and Adonis on Chicago Vinyl Records. One of the definitive unsung goodies that same year.

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