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The UK Soul Chart has its compilation now! Q&A

You all know as to how we always like givin’ a push to those who, by the music they’re putting out, contribute makin’ our daily life any better. Be they singers, musicians, DJ’s, broadcasters and so forth. Knowing this, some of you won’t be surprized seeing us then welcomin’ long time friend Gary Van den Bussche on these shores. This further to the release of The UK Soul Chart compilation he has put together on his DSG Music label for our listening pleasure…

The UK Soul Chart (Gary Van den Bussche)Hi Gary, and warm congrats for this extra contribution of yours. So not content with havin’ your own label (DSG Music), become a regular broadcaster (on Starpoint Radio). But also work as a promoter… You now act as a compiler of the UK Soul Chart album. Let us know about this extra experience of yours…
“Thanks Fred, although it’s not my first experience of the likes. I once compiled a #1 album for Arcade called ‘WOW’ and used to help other labels such as Dino back in the day and my own Wizz Records which we sold a double CD & Vinyl of.” (Not to mention, more recently, the ‘Disco Soul Gold’ compilation album…)

Besides, the DSG Vol. 2 album was not ready (but will be at Easter!) and Carl Barrington Webster (of Starpoint Radio) was eager to do one. So I approached many of the artists I helped promote through DSG Radio Promotions and other artists from the Modern Soul world that might want to be included on the first album of its kind and Vol. 1 in the series. There is a gap in the market for a compilation series and many of these tracks have never been on CD before. It’s a limited edition CD that in time might become a collector’s item…”

We’re talkin’ about The UK Soul Chart. Something that is pretty much unique in the world. Would you see this as another of these things that make your native country so special?
“That fact the UK is the only country which has a Soul Scene and we are all so supportive of it. The Americans favour R&B in which is mostly Rap/Hip-Hop. We respect our Soul artists of future and past. And we hope the world would once again put the Soul music category back in the Grammys and back on the radio in America. As this CD shows, there are many new artists recording Soul Music who would appreciate more support, so they could also tour…”

Your native country has given birth to the Northern Soul but also the Brit-Soul. How would you explain the fact that Britain has pretty much ended becoming the so to say welcoming land of Soul Music from all over the world?
“Well, we kind of started Soul Music success with the Stax Sound when Otis Redding was getting full shows in the UK. And then again with Motown when Dusty Springfield got the Motown sound onto Ready Steady Go on the BBC TV. Northern, Modern Soul are still very much alive in the UK. It just needs time to grow once again…”

Let us know about the UK Soul Chart in itself. When did it start? Who launched it? Where to catch it?
“Starpoint Radio is the home to The UK Soul Chart and can be found on its own website. It broadcasts twice a week on a Sunday evening (04:00pm – 06:00pm UK Time) and Monday evening 05:00pm _ 07:00pm UK Time) and also streams to over 40 other plus radio shows. The UK Soul chart can also be found in Blues & Soul magazine which has been its home for many years.”

How did this idea of a UK Soul Chart compilation came to light?
“For some time now I have had the idea of compiling a UK Soul Chart CD. In the same way that we would have once collected the Motown Chartbusters or Top of the Pops (non-original artists) albums back in the day (now I’m showing my age!). I approached Carl who had also had the same idea but had put it on the backburner as he was busy.”

How long did it take to put this UK Soul Chart album together? Did you front any refusal (no need tellin’ us who if ever so) at the end?
“I originally half compiled it with ideas of songs for the album. Then they became all from a certain time, and the album did not sit right. So then I was thinking of doing just #1’s, so I left it. Then Carl asked me about the album album? So I worked day & night and got it together in about three weeks. I then had to do the text and Roger Williams did the artwork, then the whole went to press…”

Then once you’ve completed the tracklisting, did you think of a specific running order or not really at the end?
“I was going to do it, but felt a bit close to it. So Nigel Lowis did the running order. Then I sent it to Sounds-Perfect to be re-mastered…”

I won’t be asking what’s your favorite track at the end. But probably more what makes this UK Soul Chart album so special, if not necessary…
“I love every track and many are my favorites of the year… Yuma Hara feat. Monique Dehane, L Young, Regina Troupe, Darien Dean have been getting a lot of recent plays. Ed The Red wrote and produced ‘I’m There Girl’ for me. Tyra Levone I believe is a future star. What a voice she has! Ronnie Wright is like a modern day Will Downing. The SouLutions track was my favorite from their recent album. Regarding Kenny Thomas’ gem, I was invloved in that special Nigel Lowis mix that took it to #1 and now Kenny performs that track wherever he goes. Miracle Thomas is destined to be a big star with much in common with Anita Baker…”

The UK Soul Chart now has its compilation. I guess we may think it will have a following. Have you already thought about it?
“Yes, already working on Volume 2 for 2019…”

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