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Ultra Naté: Deep Sugar!

Ultra NatéHas this been long to achieve? What to expect from Sugar in a near future?
“Sugar established itself pretty quickly because I built the brand and focused on the vibe explicitly. Sugar will continue to be true to anyone who wants to let go off their inhibitions and drama and just come dance and feel good!”

NYC’s examples such as the former Body & Soul and Clubshelter, L.A.’s Deep or Atlanta’s Sweat… Not to mention your Deep Sugar thang tend to show how there’s a strong need to regroup forces within the House community. This, as opposed to stand alone on one’s own side. Any comment?
“It’s very relevant because this is how the genre came into being in the first place with Frankie Knuckles at the Warehouse and Larry Levan at The Paradise Garage. These are legacies that have to continue as the homebase for a culture.”

What’s missing in order to have so many talents recognized on an upper level. If not to be put in the position to compete with other genres?
“Marketing and promotion: in other words, $$$$$! The music with a strong artist representation has to be promoted. Not just another dancefloor moment but a credible and creative entity. That requires labels to spend a significant amount of money like they do for Hip-Hop/R&B, Rock or Country acts.”

One wish?
“That I was 5 inches taller!”

One motto?
“Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”

One feeling?
“Childlike wonder.”

One word?

Blue Notes In The Basement (Eternal / WEA) – The Basement Boys present Ultra Naté
One Woman’s Insanity (Warner Bros. Records) – Ultra Naté
Situation:Critical (Strictly Rhythm)- Ultra Naté
Stranger Than Fiction (Strictly Rhythm)- Ultra Naté
Keep Hope Alive (King Street Sounds) – Blaze presents UDAUFL (featuring Ultra Naté)
Grime | Silk | Thunder (Silver Label/ Blufire / Peace Bisquit / Tommy Boy) – Ultra Naté
Bom / Free ‎(disco:wax / promo) – Avicii / Ultra Naté
Hero Worship (BluFire, Peace Bisquit) – Ultra Naté

Interview – Ultra Naté

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