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United Future Organization – Moondance

Lost but not least! United Future Organization – Moondance (Moon Rappin’) (Zero Corporation)

There is ‘Moondance’ and… ‘Moondance’! You don’t believe me? Check the album tracklisting and you’ll see two versions of ‘Moondance’. With one in English – ‘Moon Chant’ – featuring Abigail Grimsel. And the other in Portuguese – ‘Moon Rappin” – featuring Claudia E.H. But even though both of them have their moments, our preference goes for the ‘Moon Rappin’. Thus bringin’ another illustration of the sensuality of the Portuguese language such as one can most definitely get it throughout the Brazilian folklore for instance. With United Future Organization dealing with Bossa vibes.

‘Moondance’ is such an unsung masterpiece at the end. And in the meantime one of the definitive highlights from U.F.O.‘s ‘Jazzin” debut-album back in 1993. This with all the other gems this album contains as a matter of fact. From the the smooth ‘Nemurenai (Insomnie)’ to the cinematic ‘Dig That Beat’. But also ‘I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz)’ in a Tap Dance vein. Then, last but not least, ‘The Loud Minority’. All in all makin’ of this effort an investment you won’t regret.

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Also known as UFO, United Future Organization saw the light in the early 90’s in the famous district of Shibuya, Tokyo. This under the form of a trio featuring Frenchman Raphael Sebbag along with local natives Tadashi Yabe and Toshio Matsuura. With the latter leavin’ the band in 2002. As a matter of fact, they stand as a major reference in the history of Nu-Jazz as one of their pioneers.

Remembered for gems such as ‘Flying Saucer’ and ‘Tres Amigos’ among others, they made their debut back in 1992 on Japanese label Zero Corporation. This with the ‘Jazzin” album featuring the boiling ‘Loud Minority’, but also the mellow ‘Moondance’. Not to mention ‘I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz)’.

UFO soon after launched Brownswood Records which happened to be the a side-label of Talkin’ Loud (part of Mercury). And, in the meantime, they signed a record deal with the label. Eventually following its famous A&R man, Gilles Peterson, when he created Brownswood Recordings on the heels of Brownswood Records back in 2006.

The then trio made their debut on Talkin’ Loud via Brownswood back in 1993 with their self-titled album. An effort that saw them collaborating with Monday Michiru on ‘My Foolish Dream’. But also Galliano on the mellow ‘The Sixth Sense’. This in addition to cover the Brazilian classic ‘Upa Neguinho’. Their follow-up album – ‘No Sound Is Too Taboo’ – came the year after, featuring extra gems such as ‘Stolen Moments’ and ‘Magic Wand Of Love’. Meanwhile ‘3rd Perspective’ spanned the ‘Mission:Impossible’-influenced ‘His Name Is…’

Three years after, United Future Organization came to greater recognition. This with ‘Flying Saucer’ as remixed by Modaji but also Kings Of Tomorrow for the House crowd. Meanwhile, Peshay would give a Jungle/Drum & Bass twist to ‘Tres Amigos’. With both of them taken from their ‘Bon Voyage’ album. Its follow-up, naturally titled ‘V’ seeing the light back in 2011 on Exceptional, this before Toshio Matsuura‘s departure the year after.

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