Fri. Oct. 22, 2021

Urban Sound Lab – Matter Of Time (Remix)

Single Of The Week: Urban Sound Lab – Matter Of Time (Sean Ali & VeneiGrette Remix) (Makin Moves)

This remix package of ‘Matter Of Time’ stands as another brilliant response to those claiming that globalization only has downsides. Here we go on one hand with a UK original production. A track that features Kaidi Tatham on keys and Ernie McKone on bass. And, on the other hand, a transatlantic collaboration between Chicago producer Sean Ali and upcoming South African one VeneiGrette!

A quick listen to ‘Matter Of Time’ suffices to realize how it recaptures the influences of its participants. From its original musicianship to the obvious deepness that Sean Ali brings from his native Chicago. Not to mention the African feel speaking of which VeneiGrette has most likely something to do with. This coming in addition to Selina Campbell‘s soothing vocal performance.

Unlike what some recent political changes tend to show, one can’t simply walk opposite the sense of history. Do as if globalization was an invention of the mind whenever it’s nothing but a… Matter Of Time!

Despite the hard times the music industry is living, there are still talents to regularly enlighten our ears. And labels investing in them. They deserve our absolute respect and full support. Let us know about your feelings…
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– London-based Curtis Kirkland has been dealing with music over the past 15 years. An avid vinyl collector from a young age he’s been digging everything. From Jazz to Hip-Hop, classic House and Detroit Techno. He got into spinning in the mid-90’s, blending Chicago and New York sounds in his sets.
Lookin’ forward to producin’, Curtis slowly started investing into equipment around 2010. He gave birth to Urban Sound Lab 2 years later, taking in influences from Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco. Since then, his productions have found echo on labels like Room Control, Papa Records, and Quantize Recordings. And also Reel People Music, Seasons Limited and, more recently, Makin Moves. Kirkland collaborating with singers such as Ursula Rucker and Terrance Downs. Not to mention Renn Washington and Selina Campbell among others.

Selina Campbell is a prolific songwriter who promises to move even the coldest of hearts with her emotional and warming vocal tones.
She made herself a name as a versatile performer, flirting with everything from Borken Beat to R&B, Nu-Soul and House.
Speakin’ of her, UK vet producer Phil Asher said: “Selina Campbell is the full package… Singer, songwriter, performer and great fun on tour. She does all of these things effortlessly and with a beaming smile on her face. She has a beautiful voice that is only going to get more familiar with every song she does.”
The list of the producers she’s been working with gives a better view as to what she’s about. From the latter to Bah Samba. But also Fuminori Kagajo and Urban Sound Lab to name but a few.

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