Sun. Oct. 17, 2021

Vega & Johnny Dangerous – London Roots

This Beat Is Mine: Vega & Johnny Dangerous – London Roots (Main Mix) (Vega Records)

“In this life time I gotta get away, London roots is calling me. Once in a life time you gotta break away, London roots is calling me. Since it’s nighttime I’ll dance my life away, London roots is calling me…” I’m pretty sure, those of you hailing from the City, understand the feeling. And even more those, who like me, live away from it.

Mind you, I’m half English from my dad and half Belgian from my mom. And as such, I’m among those who feel like torn since the U.K. has decided to leave the E.U. As if I was living another divorce after the one of my parents. The strange thing though being although nothing should be the same anymore by the end of March 2019, nothing has really changed so far. As if the ones who’ve championed the Brexit had no idea as to what to do once Britain will be on its own.

The same ones who said like Europe was so to say deciding the colour of the bananas. That the foreign migrants were getting the jobs off the Brits and whatsoever. This when the farmers are to be left without the necessary workforce as a result. And the list goes on…

Needless sayin’ the surprise which was mine when I saw the following Tweet from one of the Brexit main supporters, Nigel Farage, calling for a possible second referendum. Some words of wisdom at last, as Britain without Europe is just the same non sense as Europe without Britain for countless reasons. This bringin’ me back to the souvenir of this boiling 2009 gem by the likes of Louie Vega and Johnny Dangerous, for other reasons!

The strange this about it, but also what makes its charm, is the fact that despite being both Americans, Vega & Dangerous have managed to give it some British extravaganza. That London thing one can find for example on The Thompson Twins‘In The Name Of Love’

My London roots are callin’ me. What else could I say?!?

Downlaod from Traxsource.
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