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Vick Lavender – 1929 (El Barco Está Navegando)

Lost but not least! Vick Lavender – 1929 (El Barco Está Navegando) (Main Master Mix) (Sophisticado Recordings)

‘1929 (El Barco Está Navegando)’… A title that might seem a bit weird at first sight. So let’s try to put the things in (hopefully) a more comprehensive way. There is the first part of it (1929) which is the birth date of Vick Lavender‘s late dad to whom this track is dedicated. Then comes its second part. In other words, ‘El Barco Está Navegando’ meaning “the boat/the ship is sailing” in Spanish. But what about the connection between the two then?

Well, this is only speculation, as I never managed to ask the man any confirmation. But feels like ‘El Barco Está Navegando’ could well be an allude to
those ancient ship burials or boat graves that were used among the Germanic people, and more particularly by the Vikings. Themselves being ceremonies in which a ship or boat was used either as a container for the dead and the grave goods, or as a part of the grave goods itself.

This so to say spacey synth driven jazzy ship (or boat) seeing Chicago-based producer Vick Lavender takin’ us on a fascinating trip. This while reachin’ the upper heights in terms of sophisticated atmospherism along with Vijay Tellis-Nayak on keyboards and Bobby D. on percussion. Thus givin’ it a more or less Balearic feel you simply don’t wanna miss…

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