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Vicky Martin – Superhero (Main Vocal)

Tennerz: Vicky Martin – Superhero (Main Vocal) (Keep-N-Step Records)

“Believe in yourself” stands pretty much as Vicky Martin‘s motto. One could eventually add things such as “against all odds” or “keep the faith alive” judging by her notoriety.

I suppose it’s not unfair to say that she most likely became a star in her native New Jersey surroundings. She therefore would become a Jerzee Sound ambassador by the end of the 80’s along with Adeva, Chanelle or Charvoni. Besides, how could we ever forget about her debut-single ‘Not Gonna Do It’ which she co-wrote and produced with Marshall Jefferson? A track which, no surprisingly, found a home on Abigail Adams‘ seminal Movin’ Records label…

The lady most likely made her path locally. And to that extend she truly is what we can call an underground artist. But what a performer she is! This vibrant and boiling soulful gem which she put together with Tyrone Payton just coming up as a reminder to this…
No wonder why our own DJ Renay elected it as her #1 on her last Top#10 on Traxsource…
Download from Traxsource.

Vicky Martin is known to many as… The One Who Sings!!! This title was given to her at the tender age of 6. All through preschool and Kindergarten, she would sing jingles and songs she heard on the radio and T.V. commercials. The young girl loved to sing with both her grandmother Daisy and her Aunt Mari encouraging her to do so. She would sing then for anyone without even an ounce of intimidation.

Hailing from the State of New Jersey, she started singing in church and states her favorite songs are spiritual church songs. Vicky was always having a smmile on her face. This began the development of a beautiful personality and a talented Singer. By the age of 8, she won a State wide writing competition. The recognition and the experience helped to develop her into a great motivating writer. Today she can write to almost anything and make it sound great.

Even as a child, many noticed the strong, sharp voice. Her style began to develop as a young girl. The strength, the tone, and distinctive growl-like sound was described by many as a soul stirring voice. These characteristics made her voice stand out and get the appreciation of many. While elevating through elementary school, Vicky met the admiration of her music teacher who encouraged her to never stop singing or writing.

Music was to be the path that was her destiny. With a beautiful smile, wonderful personality and strong vocal ability, Vicky Martin began to get the attention of many. By the age of 17, shortly after she found out what it was like to have fans. And after entering many local talent shows and winning them unanimously, she then began to make her mark. By then, Vicky realized the power in her voice. She had the ability to make people cry, smile and even win hearts with her voice!

Soon many requests came pouring in for her to make special appearances in many programs (cable, fashion and comedy shows). It was not long after, she began travelling locally and out of state singing and making some noise in the industry.

As her fan base continued to grow, Vicky Martin focused in making good music for all to love and enjoy. She continues to grow not only as a singer, but also as a writer. She also teamed up with a long time partner, Big A and today they run their own record label, Keep-N-Step Records.

When asking her what she would like the world to remember her as, Vicky says: “I want the world to remember me as a strong woman who never gave up! Despite the obstacles that I have faced, I am still motivated and pushing towards my dreams…”

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