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Vikter Duplaix – In The Middle Of You

Lost but not least! Vikter Duplaix – In The Middle Of You (BBE)

“In the middle of you, that’s where I wanna be…” Like everything, there is the substance then what we make of it. The ideas and how we come to express them. One of the definitive highlights from Vikter Duplaix‘s 2006 ‘Bold And Beautiful’ album, ‘In The Middle Of You’ makes no doubt as to what the theme of this song is about. But when many would have turned it so to say ‘sexplicitly’, Duplaix has decided to play with nuances. Using the unique shades of his singin’ style. And surrounding himself with Sebastian Arocha Morton and Andreas Allen of the ROCAsound fame. The latter crafting the perfect environment for the singer’s delivery. And, in the meantime, enhancing the intimcay of the atmosphere with lush jazzy keys over a soft rhythm pattern…

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To many of us, the first name comin’ to mind when thinkin’ of Philadelphia would probably be the one of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff‘s Philadelphia International Records. But the capital of Pennsylvania happened to have much more on offer. Meanwhile displaying the versatility of its local scene and its obvious penchant for experimentations. From Hip-Hop with DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Roots. To Electronic House with Josh Wink. Not to mention King Britt or Vikter Duplaix whp pushed the limits of Soul Music with a deliberately modern approach. Meanwhile flirting with Neo Soul, Nu Jazz, Electronica or Broken Beat.

A Singer, a songwriter, a musician, a producer and a DJ, Vikter Duplaix started stuying music and singing in choirs at an early age. Eventually mentored by none other than Kenny Gamble himself, he came to tour with luminaries such as Teddy Pendergrass and Luciano Pavarotti.

Taking work programming drum tracks while working at a recording studio, Duplaix set up Axis Music Group, a production unit, along with James Pyser. As a producer, he has collaborated with countless artists. From Erykah Badu to Musiq Soulchild, Jazzanova and Esthero. Not to mention Jamiroquai and Louie Vega to name a few.

He started as a featured singer. The first time I heard of him bringing me back to the absyssal ‘Swell’ by the likes of Scuba back in 1998. Contributing to Critical Point‘s ‘Messages’ the year after on MAW Records. Then to Karma‘s memorable ‘High Priestess’ and Needs’ ‘So Many Things’.
He switched to the upper gear in 2002 with the release of ‘Internal Affairs vol. 1.0″. His debut-album featuring gems such as ‘Morena’ and ‘Lust For Life’. Its follw-up – ‘Bold And Beautiful’ – confirming his obvious talent as both a lyricist, a performer and a producer. With absolute jewels such as the vibrant ‘In The Middle Of You’ and ‘Make A Baby’ which got a nomination at the Grammy Awards in 2008.

Strangely enough, these would be his only 2 albums to date. This in addition to ‘Singles (Prelude To The Future)’, a compilation on Studio K7! back in 2004. Meanwhile he guested on the famous J Kicks CD Mix series 2 years before. He eventually jammed along with Masters At Work on the boiling ‘Reality’. A track on the Miami 2005 MAW Records sampler. Then he delivered ‘Treefingers’ on Rapster the year after in addition to his ‘Stimulation EP’ for BBE. Not to mention ‘The Real World’ that saw him collaborating once again with Masters At Work. Meanwhile, he came to share the duties with Clara Hill on the groovy ‘Paper Chase’.

2009 saw him releasing the essential ‘Electric Love’. A cut which, strangely enough, he made available as a free download from his website. Then, 3 years after, he resurfaced with Boddhi Satva on the smooth and delicate ‘From An Other World’. Closer to us, back in 2014, he landed his unique voice on Cuebur‘s deep and syncopated ‘I See You’. Meanwhile, he found a seat among the luminaries Louie Vega gathered on his ‘Starring XXVIII’ album. Delivering the soothing ‘Gimme Some Love’. A cut which recently resurfaced with remixes courtesy of Sean McCabe.

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