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Voilaaa – On te l’avait dit (DFP Super Disco Blend)

First Listen: Voilaaa – On te l’avait dit (Dimitri from Paris Super Disco Blend) (Favorite)

Here we go with another brilliant illustration of the French Speaking African scene. On the footsteps of luminaries such as Manu Dibango, Magic System or Jacob Desvarieux to name but a few. Behind this project, Lyon-based versatile producer Bruno Hovart, also known as Patchworks. But also Sir Jean (le Peuple de L’Herbe), Pat Kalla, Fouley Badaiga, Hawa and Renaud Bilombo.

Together they tell the story of a youngster doing all kinds of bad things leading him to nowhere despite countless warnings. “Ta mère, elle te dit d’éviter les magouilles. Et toi tu ne cesses de chercher les embrouilles. Tu traînes la nuit avec tous ces brigands. Et au matin il te manque une dent. La vie de malfrat! On te l’avait dit. C’est pas fait pour toi. On te l’avait dit, mais tu n’écoutes pas…” (“Your mom, she told you to avoid wangling. And you, you don’t cease lookin’ for troubles. You’re hangin’ out at nights with rascals. And the morning after, a tooth is missin’ in your mouth. The thug life! We told you so. It’s not made for you. We told you so, but you don’t listen…”)

‘On te l’avait dit’, the title cut of their debut-album released back in 2015, has an irresistible flow. And even more, on this remix package, with Dimitri from Paris bringing it to the next level. In the vein of his rework of Mory Kanté‘s memorable ‘Bankiero’, he also comes up with a killer dub version for those of you not into lyrics.
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– Remembered for projects such as Patchworks, Mr Day or Taggy Matcher among others, Bruno Hovart therefore returns to his first love and specialty: Disco Music blended this time with African and Caribbean influences.

Indeed, as everywhere in the 70’s and 80’s, Funk and Disco were extremely influential in these regions. And in most cases, the combination of the festive, yet sometime futile nature of Disco, and the instinctive, deep, sometimes rough nature of African music, sounds like a perfect balance.
Aiming to find back this energy and specific sound, Hovart quickly began producing a few tracks. Using his unique and ruling beats and basslines as foundations, this time he dresses all with guitars, keyboards and brass distorted with vintage and DIY effects pedals and boxes.

Surrounded by a very dynamic music scene, where there is no shortage of artists with African origins, Bruno decided to work with local singers, even if it means to accompany them on unusual musical paths. A more than successful bet with a result surprising of authenticity, as it’s unveiled recently with two explosive titles alongside Sir Jean and Pat Kalla, both from a musical background as rich than different.

– Born in Turkey of a Greek descent, Dimitri Yerasimos has grown up in Paris. He started building his musical background while watching TV series and films such as ‘Impossible Mission’, ‘007’ among others. This is probably where he would get this inclination for cinematic atmospheres one can find on some of his productions. In the meantime, he became an avid fan of Bernard Schu‘s ‘Club Hits’ on RTL. One of the most significant shows ever broadcasted on a French speaking radio station back in the early 80’s. This would give birth to another of his favorite activities. Doing radio shows, successively on Radio 7, Skyrock, NRJ then later on on Radio Nova.

I first met him by the second half of the 80’s. He was then doin’ reedits for the DMC. And in the meantime he also started doin’ a lot of remixes for French Pop artists. His remix of Björk‘s ‘Human Behaviour’ came to the attention of David Morales who initially thought it’d been done by Deee-Lite‘s Super DJ Dimitri! Starting from then, Yerasimos would strengthen his reputation as Dimitri from Paris to avoid any confusion.

Dimitri‘s discography is the illustration of the many facets of his personality. With Disco and House Music counting as his favorite genres. But also Easy Listening and kitsh approaches.

Whatever he touches, Dimitri brings us to the idea of refinement which has been for much on the worldwide reputation of the French Fashion.

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