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Wareband feat. Tad Robinson – Party Children

Lost but not least! Wareband feat. Tad Robinson – Party Children (Warehouse Mix) (Casablanca Recordings)

“I wanna tell you a story about the Warehouse in its days of glory. I gotta set the record straight how it started right there back in 78. And if you went down over Jefferson way to the Warehouse nightclub in its heyday, we used to party, we used to party, we used to party party party!! We had no cares no tears no fears just a party loving atmosphere. We used to house our bodies like we didn’t care, clap our hands, kick our feat all up in the air! Party children, Party children, Party children, days of glory. Party children, in a warehouse, Party children, days of glory…”

Blues and House Music… A not so frequent cocktail that could work though. And it tasted so good when Robyx of the Discomagic fame thought about a new Dance Music/House feel to Tad Robinson‘s vocal part of ‘Warehouse (Days Of Glory)’ back in 1990.

More than 25 years have gone since, and the appeal remains as intense as a matter of fact. This bringing us back to the early days of House Music in Chicago. With Robinson, in the meantime recognized since as one of the most soulful voices in the contemporary Soul Blues scene. But also local House producer Billy ‘Jack’ Williams under the New-Deep-Society guise. With this association givin’ birth to the influential ‘Warehouse (Days Of Glory)’ in 1989 which Robyx would actually turn into ‘Party Children’ the year after.

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A native of the Big Apple, Tad Robinson grew up in a musical environment. Finding his first inspiration when, as a kid, he heard James Cotton performing in Central Park. Attending school at Indiana University’s school of music in Bloomington, he graduated in 1980. He then started playing regionally with the Hesitation Blues Band, then moved to Chicago, IL. There he landed a weekly gig, fronting the house band at Rosa’s Lounge. This being how he met Jazz/Blues guitarist Dave Specter who invited him to sing on his ‘Blueplicity’ album for Delmark Records back in 1994. Then on its follow-up – ‘Live In Europe’ – the year after. These in addition to the two albums he released for the label. In other words, ‘One To Infinity’ in 1994 and ‘Last Go Round’ four years later.

Robinson switched to Severn Records in 2004 and brought them a total of four albums so far. With the latest to date – ‘Day Into Night’ – back in 2015. Thus Earning seven Blues Music Awards nominations along the way including three for “Soul Blues Album of the Year” and four as “Soul Male Artist of the Year”.

Lesser known is Tad‘s contribution to the House scene. And by that I mean his collaboration with producer Billy ‘Jack’ Williams as New-Deep-Society. Itself givin’ birth to the seminal although underrated ‘Warehouse (Days Of Glory)’ in 1989. Then ‘A Better Day’ two years after. With ‘Warehouse’ comin’ to the attention of Italian producer Roberto Zanetti, better known as Robyx. Himself bringin’ Tad Robinson‘s vocal part of ‘Warehouse (Days Of Glory)’ into a new perspective. And eventually retitling the whole (Party Children) under the Wareband guise in 1990. Then pretty much doin’ the same on ‘A Better Day’ in 1991.

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