Sun. Dec. 05, 2021

We can change things for the better (if we try!)

The fall of the Berlin Wall (Nov. 08, 1989)Angela Merkel said: “We can change things for the better. This is the message for Ukraine, Iraq and other places where human rights are threatened. Nothing has to stay as it is…” What a more beautiful illustration as to how human will is the most serious antidote in front of the reputedly inviolable?!?

A quick look at the social networks gives quite an ironical although illustrative picture of the current world we’re livin’ in. With countless people stuck in their own universe of selfishness. Although being the first on the list as far as criticizing is concerned. As if everything was due to them from a single click. And, of course, without a single call into question from them…

Who of us, regardless our living codes, doesn’t want a better life. And eventually be evolving in a better world? But what the hell are we doin’ to achieve this goal? Well, for a big majority of us, nothing but wakin’ up the same as we went to bed to night before. Eventually figuring that others will do the work for us. Then most likely get back to complainin’ the day after because nothing has changed! But how could the situation ever change without each of us makin’ at least necessary little efforts?

It doesn’t cost that first. Meanwhile it brings a lot in terms of self-confidence/esteem whenever comin’ to achieve a challenge, reach a goal and eventually build fruitful exchanges with our alter egos while getting their feedback and hopefully support. It’s even easier nowadays with the help of a technology in the position to allow us establishing connections worldwide. Of course, it means a bunch of involvement from each of us, and at times patience. But what a pleasure this brings in return whenever reachin’ a new step!

This first and foremost requires each of us to adapt ourselves to an ever changing situation. And from then hopefully get the benefits from it while using the new opportunities it offers. As a matter of fact, the possibilities are countless, as long as we invest a bit of our respective selves into it. And most likely leave our egos and what stands as our reputedly comfort zone aside…

Keepin’ on the way most of us do is nothing but standing reluctant to reach out to our neighbor. And because of what? On most cases, of appearing sensitive and therefore vulnerable. This is to say how we gotta break the ice in regards to them. But even more in regards to our own selves. This unless comin’ to a point to get ourselves under the total domination of a system, as brilliantly depicted by Aldous Huxley back in 1931 on the memorable ‘Brave New World’

We can change things for the better. But it’s up to each of us, individually as collectively, to act on this to happen, day after day. And if ever not, no use then to keep on complainin’ the way we do day after day because of this or that.

We can make it (if we try)!

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