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Whose world is this? The world is yours…

The world is yours“Whose world is this?”, used to question US rapper Nas back in the day. Immediately answering by the likes of “The world is yours”. And the fact is one could hardly come up with a better reflection at the end. The man most likely bringing us back that other famous expression being: “Life’s what we make it…”

Who’s the one of us who hasn’t been complaining about this or that one day or another? Figuring out we can’t be other than right. And this despite the fact that observation around most oftenly brings the solution. Whose world is this? The one each of us contributes building up day after day, regardless the country we’re livin’ in.

Of course, the mutation process we’re goin’ thru has its inevitable downsides. But that’s just its proper at the end. And believe, like some politicians here or there would like us to think, that closing our boarders is the solution, is a total non-sense. And I’m not even talkin’ about the solutions they’re comin’ up with. As a matter of fact, it’s just like makin’ abstraction of our surrounding. In other words, the rest of the world runnin’ 24/7, whatever we may be doin’ on our respective sides…

I first would like to come with a story which, although it may seem like an anecdote to many, tells a lot about the running of our respective lives. It happens twice a year whenever those of us who do it switch to either Summer or Winter Time. And you have no idea as to how it may be a nightmare whenever coordinating a team of selectors hailing from all over the world. The way we do on our Facebook page. And you know why? Simply because we all tend to think the time which is ours is the one of the whole world. Which is a non-sense as it’s always noon somewhere on the planet…

As a result, the period when our respective worlds were limited to the countries we’re livin’ in has become obsolete nowadays. So rather than makin’ us believe that the nirvana is to get back to these ancient times, these politicians should come up with solutions to help adapting ourselves to the present. If not to a near future. This unless taking the risk to have us disappear from the circuit one day/way or another. And/or to keep on asking ourselves whose world is this as opposed to redefine ourselves.

Examples of companies whose execs have refused to take their new environment in consideration are quite numerous. And their decision (or lack of decision) has always resulted in the same thing. The end of activity of their ventures. Just like Kodak for instance who refused to consider the potential of the digital image, then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in January 2012.

Besides, history is nothing but an amalgamation of periods which have marked its evolution. From the discovery of the fire, to the one of the wheel. Not to mention the printing process which has replaced the hand writing. The train which has gone over the diligences, and the list goes on. And how about Internet??? This always with people tending to wonder whose world is this.

Let’s never hide ourselves behind our little finger. Meanwhile thinking the foreigner is the one responsible for the diseases we’re suffering from. The military cemeteries in Europe are as many reminders as to what this kind of reaction has led to. As a matter of fact, it’s makin’ abstration of the obvious benefits we may get while remaining united, wherever each of us may be coming from.

Of course, where do we go remains the main preoccupation for each of us on our will to set up a decent way of living. But how could we ever get to see the light when suggested by some politicans to close our boarders and, by that, our eyes to our environment? You let me know, when havin’ a look at countries like North Korea. Or eventually Turkey where people can’t access anymore to Wikipedia

Thinkin’ the world is “theirs” is forgetting each of us can contribute makin’ it better. Beginning by trying to understand the other and consider him/her. But also by taking the greatest care of our environment and whatsoever. In other words, by reappropiating it for ourselves and make it ours.

Whose world is this? The world is yours by taking your responsability. The world is yours by refusing to rely on narrow minded politicians. That same ones who’ve most likely built up their strategy on clichés, shortcuts and approximations of all sorts.

The world is yours. Not theirs! As many reasons in addition to the nature itself of Indamixworldwide as to why our favor goes to Emmanuel Macron as for the French presidential elections. A man whose motto – En Marche – means “in motion!”

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