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Woody Bianchi & Re-Tide – Changes

First Listen: Woody Bianchi & Re-Tide – Changes (Cut Rec Promos)

There’s nothing more frustrating than being left without consistant infos whenever coming to review a piece of music. Some would say it’s the proper of the Underground as a matter of fact. But why then makin’ a piece of music public if not to have it reachin’ the crowd?

Snob effect? A will to tease curiosity? Or contrary, to not make too much noise because of some uncleared sample? Maybe both of them at the end. ‘Changes’ sounding like a clever reconstruction from some unsung treasure of the past. Most likely bringing us back to some Philadelphia Sound byte.

I gotta say it took me quite some time to find. I eventually thought about People’s Choice, if not of The Gap Band later on. But a little music somewhere was like telling me I was wrong. And no need telling how, as an unconditional lover of the Philly Sound, this started getting me mad.

I kept on trying to find then decided to go for a nap. And by the time I got back in front of my desktop, I thought of Billy Paul, but I still didn’t have the title. So I came to have a look on Discogs, but didn’t find any single release matching the lyrics I had in mind. I then went to check his albums one by one with the serious hope to not leave the matter unanswered. And I got like ‘Holy Sh**!’ when havin’ a listen to the first notes of ‘We All Got A Mission’, taken from his 1976 ‘Let’em In’ album…
Download from Traxsource.

– Rome-based DJ/producer Gino Woody Bianchi has been around for quite some time already.
An avid vinyl collector, Woody Bianchi has established himself as a name in the Disco, Funk and House circuit. With thanks to an undeniable and obvious passion for soulful vibes. The names of the cats he collaborated with therefore speak for themselves. From Todd Terry to Eric Kupper and Arthur Baker. But also Marshall Jefferson, Full Intention and Jocelyn Brown. Not to mention Bob Sinclar

Woody Bianchi has got over than 300 productions to his credit. Beginning with Electroluv‘s ‘Stand Up If You’re Ready’.

– Hailing from the same city (Rome), Re-Tide have specialized themselves into revisiting the underground music scene of the early 70’s and 80’s. ‘Changes’ being their second work along with Woody Bianchi after ‘Just Dance’.

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