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WYSIWYG: Nothing comes by coincidence!

Nothing comes by coincidenceWYSIWYG! I can already feel those of you not familiar with this term wondering what it is about. Well, its stands for the acronym for “What You See Is What You Get” in computing (*Wikipedia). This said, there’s nevertheless a big difference between what we see/perceive and what is needed to get us in the position to do so. The whole depending on a bunch of factors such as our origin, background, position, knowledge and the list goes on. Not to mention experience or, differently said maturity. As many words getting into another dimension. This in a world under the ongoing domination of a system giving the feeling we can access to everything from a single click!!!

Well, I’m afraid to say that this is just smoke and mirrors as so far from reality. With no wonder why we’re talkin’ about virtual environment when speakin’ of social networks and, to a certain extend, Internet.

Would you ever think of being in the position to write/read a letter without a proper understanding of the alphabet, vocabulary and grammar of the language you’re using? I suppose a great majority of you would simply say no, huh?. So how could this ever be different regarding any other aspects of life???
Let’s stop fooling ourselves believing we can do anything we want with the help of technology. As nothing is possible without a necessary learning process period. No more than talent can be handled like from the hat!

Ironically, there’s in the meantime probably no better demonstration as to how Internet itself works. With what you see on one hand. And what you actually need to do in terms of programming in order to have it act and look the way it does when you come to whatever page you may think of. Meanwhile dealing with a whole bunch of different languages such as such as PHP, XHTML, Javascript and CSS. That is not rocket science. But most definitely the result of countless hours of necessary understanding, research and tests before being put into reality. And, as you may guess, there’s no space for any kind of improvisation to have this WYSIWYG principle working…

Just like everything in (real) life, it takes time to achieve things. With this being nothing but the necessary maturating process in addition to natural disposals or inclination to do specific things. The combination of which giving the skills to do this or that. Including eventually accidents that may lead to unsuspected results. Such as Lil’ Louis explained me back in the day, while in the process of recording ‘French Kiss’.

It is to say how hearing anyone saying that her or his recognition just came ‘like this’ sounds so out of the scope. Not to mention makin’ abstraction as to what it takes in the background nowadays to develop a product. Be it a brand, a song or whatever. From its conception to its forwarding process to the attention of the right prescribers/taste makers to reach the necessary audience. And hopefully make it a success. Don’t you think???

Like it or not… Nothing comes by coincidence and requires way more than most of us may think in order to be getting what we see…

Editorials – WYSIWYG: Nothing comes by coincidence!

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