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Editorial team: Zo HarveyZo Harvey (Bostwana)
As paths into the world of DJing and House Music go, it does not get any better than a 13 year old boy salivating over a DJ live performance on television and also as dreams may have it, we all aspire to be something/someone…

Born in May of under the sign of the bull, Taurus, Music has been part of his upbringing since a tender age and as he puts it: “Growing up I lived in an extended family and everybody from my aunts and uncles listen to different genres and that included Jazz, Pop, Disco and African traditional music.” This acted as a good musical lesson and schooled him to appreciate this artistic work and develop a love for it.
One day while he was watching cartoons and flipping through the television channels, there it was a DJ doing his thing and was none other than Fatboy Slim. From there on his musical journey began and he started collecting cassettes from Kwaito, Pop, Disco and Hip-hop. Some of his early influences were TKZEE, Trompies, Mdu, Micheal Jackson, The Roots, Hugh Masekela, Nas, and Brenda Fassie. Each and every day after school he would rush home and open up the stereo and record tape after tape attempting to create a playlist.

Years later while doing his early secondary schooling House Music dominated his cassette and CD collection and nothing seemed fulfilling than listening to live Radio DJ sets and Mash-ups, Competitions like the Spin Doctors influenced him more.
He bought his first record – Frank Roger’s  ‘Turn Me Over and Yves La-Rocks /Rise Up’ – and turntables (A Stanton T-60 & A T-50) and these served as his basis for learning how to DJ. Practice, time and dedication are what turned a desire into a realistic achievement. He cut his teeth playing in and around Gaborone at House parties and finally made his first radio set on Yarona FM on the late night weekend show hosted by Paps.

As he refined his DJ skills a notch up and his understanding of Dance music grew, production was next. Late 2008 he attended the famous DJ school, The DJ Mix-Club that has natured the likes of Rude boy Paul, Mac G and many more.
Fast forward to 2011, Zo Harvey has a permanent DJ slot on Yarona FM every Friday on the ‘Kasilamlaobitsa Show’ hosted by Mckrenko. He has played in different night spots which include the Bull n Bush, Café Khwest, The Room, O’Hagans and has shared the decks with the likes of DJ Cleo, Giggs Superstar and DJ Kuchi, Lulo Cafe, House Junkies (DJ Bush, DJ Stomps, Archduke, Spinz), DJ Zoo, BT, DJ Oak, Kyno, Choto………

Some the DJ’s/producers and musicians he looks up to are Claude Monnet, Frank Roger, Common, Black Coffee, The Roots, Manoo, Hugh Masekela, Louie Vega, and Ben Watts.
“House Music is what drives my life these days, it’s inspirational and thought provoking…”

‘The Quintessential Hour’ – Fridays On Yarona FM ( (07:00pm- 08:00pm South African Time)
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