Mon. Oct. 25, 2021


Editorial team: Bafana DHV MahlanguBafana DHV Malhangu (RSA)
A Deep House addict with a touch of Soulful House that does almost everything with music in the background…
From South Africa, Bafana has been a househead for about 5 years. Started doing mixes 2 years ago when he became part of a group called the Deep House Vessels, doing podcast shows with the latter the year after. The aim is to get people connected to the spiritual world through downtempo Deep House from around the world and to collect much more music from the underground. He uses Deep House as a tool for food to the soul. With his favourite musical quote being “When music hits you, you feel no pain” by Bob Marley, he makes sure that everyday music hits him as much as possible. He keeps it 100% deep with his DHV family

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