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Editorial team: Dean SerafiniDean Serafini (Scotland)
In the Spring of 2002, I was reading the reviews in one of the most popular music magazines of the time, only to find that most of the reviews failed to tell me what I really wanted to know. Many of the tracks reviewed were written about in less than favorable terms, often with little or no descriptive content. What I needed and wanted from the publication was some guidance on which of the many new releases and promos I should be looking out for. I didn’t need anyone to tell me what didn’t sound good as I’d be able to work that out for myself within a few bars of hearing it. What would have been useful was some helpful hint at what I might enjoy. That way I could make the weekly trip to my local record store armed with a list of tunes I wanted to check out. Bear in mind, that at this stage it was not generally easy to find online samples of new material ahead of release.

With all of the above fresh in my mind, and armed with a borrowed laptop, I decided to start my own website, ( Initially it was just reviews of music that I had bought that week, I posted updates regularly on a variety of forums including Uptown Records & Underground NYC, slowly building a following. I was joined by some like minded DJ’s and fellow enthusiasts including Dave Lynam, Chris Warne, Myles Chalmers and James Donald who all provided their own insights into the tunes we thought our readers might be interested in.

I started contacting artists and labels for interviews and within a year we had a few interviews under our belt, Groove Junkies, Blaze and Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy from Soulfuric were all gracious enough to share there time and opinions with us. Alex Mayer joined the team in 2004 and we became much more prolific with our interviews, David Mancuso, Danny Krivit, Nicky Siano, Matthias Heilbronn, Joey Negro, Grant Nelson and a host of others all featured within our pages. Slowly though, family and business commitments limited the time the various contributors, myself included could devote to the site and between 2010 and 2013 very little new content was posted to the site. Finally in 2013 I decided not to renew the dedicated web hosting facility and stopped writing material altogether. In the time the website was live, we had produced over 60 interviews, published more than 5000 track reviews and built solid relationships with many labels and artists.

Sitting here nowadays, I’m not quite ready to give it all up and have re-invented the site as a Blog which I will update regularly. I plan to feature reviews of new music, recommendations on some of the cooler re-edits floating around on sites like Soundcloud, occasional Mix Sessions of my own and some classic jams from years gone by to brighten up even the cloudiest day, in addition to adding my voice to this assembly…